Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So we attended a wedding in Mexico

Okay, so maybe I used the term "attended" a bit too strongly. We watched a wedding in Mexico. Okay, again, maybe too intimate. We stalked a wedding in Mexico. Better.

From our first date of arrival we thought what a good idea it might be to skip the whole wedding shenanigans and just do it while we were down there. After all, the Sheraton Bougainvilleas which we visit annually and love so much has an area for "Weddings and Bodas". Now if you speak Spanish you know that means weddings and weddings, but whatever. Tomorrow's post will be about the grammar mistakes found on this vacation. Be prepared, its a fun one!

We had decided that Debra would remain my bridesmaid and Julie would be Jeremy's 'groomsman'. Jack and Amy Fiterman and family happened to be staying at our hotel as well, which aided in our wedding plan. Josi would be our flower girl, Jack was to officiate, Amy wanted to do the video - and Sam and Adam would be the ushers. Perfect plan.

Unfortunately, we have already sent in deposits to vendors, so that went by the wayside, but there was another wedding at our hotel. On our last night I noticed that they were setting up for an event along the ocean. Massage booth was turned into a chuppa, or whatever non-Jews call it. Sand was turned into seating. It was gorgeous. Jeremy, Debra and I sat and watched the wedding setup for about an hour and a half until the wedding began. We then listened and watched as the bride walked down the aisle, with some additional background music -- the sound of Debra crying -- as we watched her approach the Mexican priest. It was a lovely, Puerto Vallartan wedding, though I was shocked there was not a Bougainvillea in sight. Yep, we stalked a wedding.

On a different note: for anyone out there planning their own website, I just found out about this cool website.
It allows you to create maps, directions, points of interest for wedding info. Mark off favorite shopping destinations, reception site, airport etc.... Could be a useful tool.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


We FINALLY booked our honeymoon. No more harrassing Jeremy, he's done it. We're going to Thailand. I could not possibly be any more excited. There are sure to be some interesting adventures along the way as we take our first trip to Asia. If you have any suggesstions, let us know - it should be amazing. 4 days in Bangkok and 4 days in Phuket on the beach!

Next up on his to do list...find dance lessons. Some take dance lessons because they want to learn a routine. We are taking dance lessons so we don't look like giant idiots and fall on our faces. Expect very little from us and we will certainly deliver. Just promise not to laugh.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


The invitations have arrived, and are in our hands. They are, in fact, correct!
p.s. if you're name happens to be Kara Leigh Weinblatt and you find someone named Jeremy Scott Frank to marry, and are interested in buying some green invitations off of us, let me know! Next step..Jeremy and Debra need to start addressing...tonight perhaps? I will stuff, they can address.

I am almost afraid to say this, but we are DANGEROUSLY close to booking the honeymoon too! We just have to send in a credit card number and we are going...drum roll please...TO THAILAND! I could not possibly be more excited about this choice. I plan to make a trip to the doctor to request a sedative, and off we will go! 10 days total including travel, and our time will be split between Phuket and Bangkok - beach time in Phuket, and tour time in Bangkok! PERFECT. Seriously, have not been this excited in a long, long time.

On a different note, this past weekend we had a Hanukkah party with Jeremy's family - Tessa's first Hanukkah! Brad and Jeremy's Grandpa Ollie came too, and on the ride to Brad and Emily's, Jeremy clung his steering wheel as the car glided over ice and asked Ollie, "Why did our ancestors settle in Minnesota?". Ollie responded, "It was a mistake". And I am still laughing. Oh so true. Quite a mistake. It has not stopped snowing for the past 6 months. Okay, so maybe the past month, but whatever, it's bad. You know its really bad when the news starts out, "Should warm up to 3 degrees tomorrow". It was a mistake. Landing in Minnesota. Big mistake.

We leave on Thursday for Puerto Vallarta, 4 days of sun, fun, and NO SNOW!!! I cannot wait. Merry Christmas to my Christian friends, sorry this is the most boring week of your lives - to my Jewish friends.

Much Love,


Friday, December 19, 2008


The first, most important arrival, our niece - Tessa David Frank was born last weekend. She was born on December 13th and was a healthy 7 lbs 7 oz. She's adorable - and we are quite excited to be an Auntie and Uncle. It seems like we have been waiting forever for her to come, so we were beyond excited to meet her! As you likely guessed, the David is after Brad and Jeremy's dad - David Frank.

Received the call from my mom...invitations have arrived. Arrival #2. Ivory and brown invitations - and not GREEN! This is a huge improvement. They are perfect, though I have not seen them yet - but my mom says they look great. And, here's the kicker - they gave us the green ones to keep, "In case our kids want to play 'invitation store' " someday. Uh, after this experience, I will highly encourage my children to find other business ventures than invitation store. Kids...go throw rocks, its a better past time.

Last night Debra asked me if I was feeling stressed yet about wedding planning. My response, "Well I'm starting to feel stressed that I'm not stressed". It is the proverbial worrying that I should be worrying. I have re-contacted most all of our vendors and we will set up meetings after the 1st of the year to regroup and plan details. Invitations will start getting addressed soon. My mom, still doesn't have an outfit. Well, not quite true, she has about 17 outfits, but she doesn't like any of them. Bridesmaid's dresses are being sewed by the world's slowest seamstresses somewhere creating dresses that take 4 months to arrive. Jeremy is still searching out the perfect honeymoon destination (okay, so here's a point of distress). Chocolate has arrived. Bacheloretteparty is being planned. Showers.

Really, I'm stressed that I'm not stressed.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Christmas...to my DOG?!!??

I awake, dreary eyed and droopy, I climb into a hot shower and grumble about what is to be the coldest day of the year. I complain and moan to myself, something along the very edited lines of "Gee golly, I think I might move to Hawaii where they grow pineapples not Popsicles", and stumble around the rest of my morning. I quickly get ready, gather my things and the dog in order to get her to daycare early so that I can make an early meeting. I drive to Petsmart, carry the dog into daycare, and if you know me in the morning, still very dreary eyed, hand over my dog to the petsmart personnel. I look up, and to my surprise see Christmas stockings adorning the front desk. There are about 6 stockings, and one is emblazoned with the name "PUNKY" in silver glitter.

I stare, quizzically, but attribute it to my lack of morning consciousness. I glance up to find Francesca, the receptionist excitedly asking me if I noticed Punky's stocking. "uh, yea" I responded - dumbfounded. "We made her a stocking, see!", she explains. "Uh, yea", I repeat, again, confused, amused, and perplexed at the situation. She continues on to tell me that they decided it would be fun to make a stocking for my dog as she is one of their favorites (clearly eating ones feces ranks high on the petsmart ladder). So, along with the employee's stockings flanking the petsmart counter, I find my dog's stocking. My Jewish dog's stocking placed directly in between, John, Jenny and Steve - and and accompanied by Francesca and Mary's stockings. The employees and my dog, have their stockings hung for all to see. My Jewish dog has a stocking.

And me? I'm a bit jealous. Where's mine?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I hate green

The invitations came!....they are GREEN. Lime green. They are supposed to be ivory. Have I mentioned I hate green? I will leave out the details and my expletives, but needless to say, they will be replaced with lovely ivory invitations later this week. In time for my wonderful fiance to hand address them as he has requested to do. Can you sense the tension in my typing? But, I'm not going to stress or sweat it anymore, it will be fixed. It is not worth my worry. I hate green.

I had an awkward incident with a ham last week worth noting. A vendor at work called me and said, "You are a very valuable customer to us and we would like to send you a Christmas ham to your house, can you call me back with your address?" So I panicked. I am Jewish, therefore I don't celebrate Christmas and I don't eat ham. Second, I am about to fire this vendor, next week, and don't want him to spend the money on a ham - if I am about to can him. WHAT TO DO?! So I stressed, and I called Jeremy, and my mom, and my sister. A ham. What is a Jewish girl supposed to do with a ham on Christmas? So I decided to call him back and explain to him that I was dissatisfied with his service and give him the major hint that I was about to fire him. But, I do not have the next vendor lined up yet...so I couldn't fire him yet. Next, I was going to tell him not to send me the ham, or he wouldn't want to anymore after I gave the hint. However, this apparently did not deter him, and I got nervous, caved, and just spitted out "I LIVE AT 317 GROVELAND #706".

And the ham was on its way.

So I spent the weekend panicking about the poor pig that died to be sent to an unappreciative person like me. But alas, I have found a solution! We adopted a 'Christmas Family' at work - and beyond gifts, are also giving them a Christmas dinner. So....THEY ARE GETTING MY HAM!

So the pig didn't die in vain.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

check this out!

Too bad we can't do an outdoor wedding in April, in Minnesota. Or we could, but I don't think any of you would be my friend after. I found this on one of my nerdy favorite websites (stylemepretty.com)

I think I should steal the idea. It was made for us! The J...the K. Meant to be.

You may ask where we will be going for our honeymoon? Well the saga continues. Nowhere. We still don't have anywhere. Jeremy has now brought up the new options of Fiji and cruises...which we hadn't looked into before. Seriously, if you are a friend of his - please send backup - call him and tell him to just book this thing. Seriously! I have this funny feeling we will be taking a scenic April tour of Duluth, Minnesota.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

And his name is Aaron.

To make a long story short, my car is for sale (if you know anyone who is interested in a 2007 Jetta - let me know - soon!). It is on craig's list, and apparently I made the fatal flaw of listing it with a 4 cylinder engine...and it has a 5. This is an email I got from someone off of craig's list...

Please check your facts....the model car comes with either a 2.5l FIVE cylinder NON-TURBO or a 2.0l FOUR cylinder TURBO.

--Carpe Diem

NO JOKE!!! He wasn't interested in the car, he just wanted to yell at me! Can you believe it?!?! I am still laughing about it. Aaron, I'm sorry you are so angry, but please keep that to yourself. But actually, you gave me, and my coworkers a good laugh - so keep it up Aaron.

Carpe Diem.

Sorry this one had nothing to do with the wedding. But really, if you know of anyone looking for a car - let me know!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving. We spent the evening with Jeremy's family - ate some turkey, and stuffing, and pie, and veggies, and then I was full.

Should be a busy weekend with lots of friends in town - very fun! I don't have much to report on the wedding front, though I have been asked about 1000 times 'How wedding plans are going'...and I have no response. Uh, well I guess...nothing really to do. I am working on the cards of things to do, to go in the hotel bags. Uh yea, that's about it. We ordered our invitations - check! and booked the rehearsal dinner this past week - check! Next up, book the Honeymoon (achem...Jeremy). We have it narrowed down to Belize or Costa Rica, and let me tell you - that is some serious progress.

Punky hasn't been sleeping well lately, and therefore neither has her mother. This is not a little taste of motherhood, it is a full blown taste of motherhood. The puppy has sleeping issues, mom yawns all day because she didn't sleep either. I'm not sure what is up with her, but I'm hoping it ends soon. And that I get to go home from work soon (ON THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING - YES I AM WORKING) and take a nap. Gym, then nap. Stat.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Crockpot adventures continue

This crockpot adventure is curtosy of Miss. Debra Fiterman. For Debra's birthday, she was the proud recipient of a crockpot and custom designed crockpot cookbook made by yours truly. On Sunday night, she tested out her skills with one of the recipes I suggested and voila!

Moroccan Slow-Cooker Stew

Weight Watchers points (if you care): 4


1 spray(s) cooking spray
1 small onion(s), chopped
1 medium garlic clove(s), minced
1 medium butternut squash, peeled, seeded and cut into 1/2-inch cubes* (or you can buy it at Trader Joes already peeled and cut up)
1 cup(s) carrot(s), baby
1 cup(s) canned crushed tomatoes
1/2 cup(s) vegetable broth
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground cumin
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes
15 oz canned chickpeas, drained and rinsed
1/2 tsp table salt

Coat a small skillet with cooking spray. Add onion and garlic; sauté for 5 minutes.

Place squash in a 3-quart or larger slow cooker (crockpot). Add sauteed onion and garlic, carrots, tomatoes, broth, cinnamon, cumin and red pepper flakes. Cover and turn on to low heat; simmer for 6 hours.

Add chickpeas and salt. Stir, cover and heat for an additional 5 minutes. Yields about 1 1/3 cups per serving.

It was FANTASTIC. The picture looks a bit gross but it was absolutely wonderful. She did a great job. Make this. And make it soon! Variation - skip the beans, add chicken for a change.

Monday, November 24, 2008

I've been tagged...

So our delicious crockpot dinner last night will have to wait until tomorrow. Contain your suspense.

Debra has tagged me in a grown-up game of tag/self esteem boost in one.

Here are the rules:

1) Write 3 things about myself I like
2) Tag 3 more people
3) Go on in peace

Hardest part for me? The going on in peace. I'm the girl who lies in shavasha at the end of yoga thinking about her grocery list. I don't do peaceful very well! Here goes:

1) I am motivated. Maybe a bit too motivated! I took every school class/project to the limit - think back to the volcano project which could have been a simple spewing volcano, which I made into a lean, mean, toy burning machine. My career is of great importance to me, as is finding a job which fits my personality and strengths. Working out - you may call me crazy, I call myself motivated! So it could be motivation driven by ADHD - but nonetheless, motivation!

2) I can get-er-done! I am a decision maker. I do not sit and dwell, consider every paint color for a wall for 6 years, wait to see what others will do, or wait to see if someone else will get something done. I do it. I seize opportunities and I get-er-done. Again, this may be attributed to my ADHD, or, as I like to think of it, I am a project 'completer'. If you want something done, and you don't want to question whether it will REALLY be done...give it to me. I promise, you won't think about it again. And I think that is pretty darn good.

3) I can be funny. Once in a while. Humor cures all wounds, and crosses all divides. If you don't know what to say, or don't know how to react, you usually can't go wrong by making someone laugh. Lighten the mood - keep people smiling! Do you remember superlatives in the yearbook? Well in middle school I was declared 'funniest' in the 6th grade year book. Let me tell you, to this day, that is one of most important things to me. Middle school, right? Who cares, funny means you tell potty jokes. Whatever, that means my potty jokes must have been pretty darn funny!

Now go on in peace. I'll try. Really. But I can't promise anything.

Now it's time for me to tag 3 others! None of you have blogs (I reccomend you change that), so just comment on mine - or email it - and tag 3 others.

Sara Bongers, Stacy Ta-ta's, Robyn, Liz Edlavitch....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lots of Progress!

Rehearsal dinner - CHECK!
Tux choice - CHECK!
Honeymoon progress - CHECK!

Rehearsal dinner: And I couldn't be more excited - we convinced them - fuddruckers!!!! They're shutting down the whole restaurant for us, veggie burgers, bison burgers, hamburgers, salads, shakes, malts, ice cream, FUN!!!! Seriously, this is SO us!

Tux choice: See photo. Yea!

Honeymoon Progress: So we've narrowed it down to Central America - likely either Costa Rica or Belize. Rain forest, monkeys, tropical weather, great food, relaxation.

Consider me one pretty darn content bride right now!!! Someone please let me know if there is something I should be doing right now because seriously, we don't have anything to do (wedding wise). People keep asking how preparations are going and I give my same stock response, "Well, ya know, I really think we're in the lull time right now. But ask me again in January!" So if there's something I should be doing...please clue me in!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Where should we go for our honeymoon?

We are STUCK! Yes, Jeremy (a.k.a. travel guru) and Kara (one who likes to travel)...cannot figure out where to go. We have met with travel agents, researched for months, talked to people ...and we're stuck.

This is what we want:
-beautiful beach
-resort, either all inclusive but with restaurants not buffets, or a la carte, but with reasonably priced, good restaurants nearby
-Kara's preference - not a HUGE resort, something smaller - more personal
-WARM - and predictably warm in April
-option to take part in some activities from time to time (rain forest, boat rides etc...)
- Not ridiculously expensive (the hardest element)

HELP!!!!! Suggestions??? SOS - send help!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Why must I always choose the road less traveled?

From a young age, my mom liked to say that I was not the type to choose the easy route. If there was a simple way, and a difficult, painstaking, annoyingly long way to do something, that's what I would choose. Now, that is not to say I am not decisive, I am VERY decisive, maybe too much so, but when it comes to the most mundane tasks, I find the challenging way to do it.

Example: 5th grade volcano project. Most students built a simple paper mache volcano that spewed smoke, and thus fulfilled the requirements. Me? No, no, no.
*First, I try to make it out of clay, causing my mom to make about 10 trips to the craft store for various types of clay. But, when that was finished, it did not work. *So, I moved on to foam. That was just not right either.
*Volcano #3 was made out of cardboard, nope, again, just not quite right.
*It was not until volcano #4 came along that I felt it looked just right. And when it was spewing to an extent which pleased me, it was still not enough. PEOPLE! I told my mom. I need people, running off the volcano away from the flowing magma! She reminded me that I had already fulfilled the requirements for the project and would get 100% simply because the volcano did what it was supposed to do, but that was just not good enough.

So, after a 10pm trip to target to find little people for my volcano, I brought out the hot glue gun and began to glue my victims to their place of demise. I thought it was a fantastic idea until I found myself screaming bloody murder at 11pm because I had hot glued my leg to the volcano along with one of the little people. I was now a victim of my own volcano. And what do I have to show for it? A giant scar on my right leg where skin once was until the fateful day when I had to be dislodged from my volcano.

And how does that story relate to the wedding? Well I will tell you right now with another example.

Example: TASK: make cards for the hotel gift bags for the out of towners.

So, I decided to buy heavy cardstock to print on, one side would have the text, and the other side would have our monogram. Well, for anyone who has ever had dumb ideas like me, cardstock does not print on home printers. Or really, even at Kinko’s. And once you find a place that can print on it, it does not look good. The cards came out too small, and off center so I decided to back them with a thin black paper as the border. Print on the heavy cardstock, and back it with the thin paper? Needless to say, I am starting over.

3 trips to paper depot for various supplies - $35.00
19 attempts to print these cards at home resulting in a broken printer - $150.00
2 trips to Kinko’s for printing assistance - $10.00
3 hours of work wasted as I tried to cut out the cards - $100.00
Realizing that there was a ridiculously simple way to complete this project which never even dawned on me? PRICELESS

And this is the life of Kara. Making projects a bit more difficult, one step at a time.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Putting the cool back in the crockpot

Before we venture out into the unknown abyss of crockpot exploration, I will begin with our all time favorite (so far). So here it is...Salsa Chicken.

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 cup salsa
1 package reduced sodium taco seasoning
1 can reduced fat cream of mushroom soup (condensed)
1/2 cup reduced fat sour cream


Add chicken to slow cooker.
Sprinkle taco seasoning over chicken.
Pour salsa and soup over chicken.
Cook on low for 6 to 8 hours.
Remove from heat and stir in sour cream. (or not - we always skip this step, but you could if you want.)

Serve with rice.

You may use half the packet of taco seasoning (I have started doing this to reduce sodium content myself)

So there it is. Recipe #1, and it is a great one! Sorry, I don't have a picture, next time, I will take them and post.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Singin' in the rain was a far better shower

hahah - wasn't that just a fantastic joke. Okay, lame, I know. Bridal showers, I don't really understand them, but have come to realize that they are necessary in that people like giving them, some enjoy attending them, and others dread them but expect them. Therefore, showers we will have. But here's a part of showers that I do like...my adorable Auntie is hosting one and doing the customized M and M's. yum and fun! Have I mentioned that my Mom has not showed any strong opinions related to the wedding, unless it relates to chocolate or dessert?! Finding a Blizzard man became an all consuming task, and customized chocolate just sent her into another orbit of bliss. The Goldman's and their chocolate. Now what would get me that excited? A life sized marshmallow in the shape of punky. mmmmmmmmmm

So, now I am fully stealing this idea, but I will give credit, where credit is due. Thanks to the book I am reading, Julie and Julie and Debra and Lindsay's friend Greta...we will now be doing a recipe review! Now, you may know that Jeremy and I have a great affinity towards the crock pot. Now hear me out, it is truly an invention for our generation. It is ridiculously easy, very hard to mess up. We are a generation that really does want to cook, take the time to make healthy meals etc...but we are BUSY! Perfect invention. Throw a bunch of stuff in, set the timer, come home to a beautiful meal! Presto!

So, stay tuned for some crockpot recipe reviews. And I do challenge you to try some yourself. Honestly, if Jeremy and I can do it - I promise you can too.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Cow, Bird or vegetable

So we have a little less than 5 months until the wedding, which is fantastic!

We spent the week finalizing the wording for the invitation. Who knew there were such big differences in wording etc... Sorry everyone, but you will have to decide between the ambiguous, chicken, fillet or vegetarian for dinner because the timing on this one just won't work. The Westin doesn't want to talk menu until Jan 15. The invitations need to be ordered either yesterday or anytime in the future according to our invitation lady. So, needless to say, we will have to guess on entree choices and you will have to take a stab in the dark...sorry. I promise they won't be gross. And, we've made the bold decision not to do fish. Fish is terribly hard for a large group, it is either over-cooked or under-cooked and its stinky, so therefore, no fish. If you're super concerned, let me know, I'll bring you a can of bumblebee.

Jeremy suggested that we add a 4th option...'surprise'. I know my dad would like that option. He's the crazy who goes to an ice cream shop and says, "Surprise me".

So there it is....do you want cow, bird or vegetable!?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Invitation shopping...

Let me first start by saying, Natalie, if you are reading this - your Grandma is wonderful, but OH SO CONFUSING!

This weekend we went with my parents to pick out invitations for the wedding! Now Jeremy and I have very similar taste, and we did not presume that this would be a life altering decision, nor one which would cause heartache or struggle. And it wasn't. Well at least it wasn't between the two of us.

We sit down, she gives us a book (she being my grandma's best friend, and the owner of one of the Jewish invitation shops in town - and the previously mentioned 'Natalie's' Grandmother.). We look through three books, and find one we like very much.

Shirlee, the store owner:
"When is the wedding again?".
We respond, "April 4".
Shirlee: "OH MY GOODNESS WE HAVE TO GET GOING, You are very late on this"
Us: "Oh no, we thought we were okay - well fine then - we like this one, we want to change this and that, and the wording is just fine - obviously insert 'Kara Weinblatt and Jeremy Frank' instead of randoms listed here. But then it's great, lets order it.
Shirlee: "What's the rush? Take the book home, think about it, look at more books, take your time. They just take a few days to order. No big deal."
Us: "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" This is Kara, confused.

And this went on for quite some time, we asked for a form to fill out with what she wanted, apparently no such item exists. But she did show us some lovely Lucite picture frames and dancing wedding bears. Quite lovely. She is a wonderful lady, but wow, an experience. It is possible our invitations will not have the correct names on them, nor will they be the right color or style, but oh well. Hopefully they'll have the correct time and place and you'll know when to show up - though you won't know what you are showing up for.

On the bright side, we love them, think they are awesome - and hey, it only took us 15 minutes to pick them out. That has got to be some kind of record. Have I mentioned that I am a decision maker and not a dawdler. Which, come to think of it, has been my success, and more times than not...my demise!

Hope you all had a great Halloween!

Friday, October 31, 2008


So I think we've decided that Punky cannot be included in the wedding. Even though she is the world's cutest dog, and our love child, we don't think its going to work. But, please induge me for a moment and look at this picture of her in her Halloween costume!

She's a hot dog. And a darn cute one.

And better yet, if she cannot be invited to the wedding, she, at the very least, needs this shirt:
"Doggie of the Bride Vintage Tee"

She needs one. It's critical. Bridesmaids...get to work. :-)

Tomorrow we venture to Shirlee Clein to look for invitations....WOO HOOO! I'll keep you posted on what we find. Jeremy thinks we should just do an evite, I say, why not!? Guess that doesn't fly with my Grandparent's friends though.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Photos of the AssBerger - SchoenAss wedding

Some pictures from Josh Berdass and Ali Schoenberger's wedding. My personal favorite...the 'Targets' at the rehersal dinner, reminiscent of their mutual love of Target, which was also the place they got engaged.

Friday, October 24, 2008

My wonderful Ali...

So here's my ode to Ali, Always the bridesmaid (9 times) and finally the bride!

This Sunday, my wonderful friend Ali Schoenberger, will be getting married...I think this one is a lateral last name move, to Josh Berdass. Now Ali and josh 're-met' one evening while Jeremy, Ali and I were out downtown...it was fate that Jeremy and I harassed Ali with about a million text messages to 'go for it' with Josh. And from that day, there was really no question in anyone's minds they would be married. However, we did not realize that this would be, as Debra has dubbed it, "The Superbowl of Weddings" with over 500 guests! To their credit, most are directly blood related. And what a wonderful problem to have.

So here's to Ali and Josh, love you like a sister and brother, I feel like we lived our dating relationships together. Okay, I don't feel like we did...we really did. Ali started getting anxious about getting engaged, so did I, we talked about moving in together, they went ahead and did it - and we followed! I'm sure it will prove to be a wonderful wedding (though aren't they all really)..I will follow up with pictures, just as I did for Stacy's. My apologies for not posting pictures of Justin and Laila's or Jaclyn and Jacob's weddings...I know, pictures make this more exciting.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I know, you could hardly handle the suspense (or maybe that was just Debra). But here it is...thanks to my wonderful friend Melissa! Our monogram!

So call me Lily Pulitzer, but I love it! And may have it tattooed on my arm. Or not. But I really, really like it. But it's a surprise where it will show up! Not that anything is really much of a surprise anymore...but oh well. I hate surprises!

Monday, October 20, 2008

We're kindof a big deal

So in case you missed both the morning and evening WCCO news....Robyn and I are famous. Well maybe just Robyn. We went to a wedding dress sample sale this past weekend to take a look at options for her, and lo and behold, she found a dress. Its beautiful and perfect! While we were waiting to pay I spotted a newscaster and told him that my sister really wanted to be on TV (in reality, I really wanted to be on TV). So he obliged and interviewed her about the experience. I was certain the piece would be cut, after all, we are in the midst of an economic meltdown, weeks away from what will likely be the most important election of our lifetimes and encountering two wars - really, are they going to put our clip about a wedding dress sample sale on the news?! Oh yea, they did. Clearly this was newsworthy. Clearly. But it was shot from a very bad angle, my nose looked large and in charge. I was not pleased.

So we found a dress for Robyn, and, as my mom says...it all evens out. I went to every single store in town, spent hours trying on hundreds of dresses, found one that I loved and cost a pretty penny (though I did negotiate a deal on it). Robyn, went to a sample sale on a Saturday morning and walked away with her dress.

Have I mentioned that my sister and I are complete opposites?! Have I also mentioned that my nose looked HUGE on TV? Seriously, huge. It was not a good nose angle.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Guest Bags....

I am trying to think of some fun and unique (and possibly Jeremy and Kara related) items to put in the out of town guest bags in their hotel rooms. So far I've come up with Marshmellows (my favorite food), and Reeces (Jeremy's favorite food) - and, well, that's just not going to quite cut it. I picture myself, getting off a plane, its Friday night - 10:00pm. I ate dinner at 5:00 pm, I arrive in this hotel room, for this wedding. As usual, I'm hungry. And crabby. And I don't want marshmellows. Help me guys!

Any fun/creative ideas? Anything other than food? Suggesstions!

p.s. what else should I be doing right now as far as planning? I keep thinking someone is going to just let me know what I should be doing to make sure it is all done, and that has not happened yet.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

And it looks something like this...

Special thanks to Andrew for finding this lovely video of a Dog we think might be Punky. Seriously, I think someone came into my house and took a video of my dog doing her thing.


The Registry....

We're getting closer...the wedding is 6 months from this past Saturday! Wooo hoo! I am really excited!

So Jeremy and I made the trip back to Crate and Barrel to do our real registry this time (no more fudge sauce Jer...). We were fairly successful, though once again, I got a bit overwhelmed. The whole process is a little strange. However, we found what we needed - and I have to say - I am pretty darn excited to have silverware that is not a 3rd hand-me-down and knives that are not a $4.99 linens and things special. Who knew knives could be so exciting!

I think that's about all we've got going on. I do have a strange Punky report. Well, our dog has entered a new stage of her live. Sexual maturity I guess. I may or may not have mentioned this before but she has a very special item in her life. It is a stuffed monkey. It was one of my favorite stuffed animals which I gave to her, so she would have a toy in her kennel. Well, she has now shown this monkey things, no monkey should see. Lets just say she enjoys mounting him and going at it. And not just occasionally, I mean, ALL THE TIME. I tried taking the monkey away yesterday and she screamed and wailed like she was being attacked. Literally, kicking and screaming until I gave the monkey back! What are we supposed to do!? Our hooch of a dog has is now workin' the streets! Seriously, it is bad - it's to the point where we should not have people over to our house for fear of her, uh, 'habits'.

Again, only my dog!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


So this is where my Blake peppiness rears it's ugly, or not so ugly head: I love monograms. Like in a slightly inappropriate way. If it was acceptable, I would only wear clothing emblazoned with "Kara" or better yet, "KLW". Why? I don't know. Again, I hearken back to my preppy roots and relate it to: 'The Blake School (once more we greet thee. Standing firm and sure.....looking bravely to the future may thy flame endure....sing to Highcroft, Blake and Northrop)

So anyways, much to Jeremy's chagrin, I have to bring a bit of monogram style to the wedding. However, I wasn't quite sure how to make one myself. Enter: my fantastic friend Melissa! She is amazing, in a lot of ways, but to mention one, her graphic creativity is unparalleled. Mel came up with a variety of monogram options for me to use (you will have to wait until the big day to see how!) I have included her handiwork above. She's fantastic - really really talented! And...I get to include not just any old monogram, but a truly outstanding one for my wedding day!

Now I'm starting to think I should have brought the monogram issue up with the therapist people...hmmmm, maybe it's an issue.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Rehersal dinner

So we're still looking for a fun place to have our rehearsal dinner - we want something casual, fun, easy going, and not terribly far from Edina. Anyone have any suggestions?!?!?! In all seriousness, I really think Fudrucker's would be a blast - so think along those casual lines...

Saturday will be black tie formal, we want the night before to be laid back. Any fabulous ideas? Have any of you recently purchased a restaurant and you're just itching to have a rehearsal dinner there? Do you happen to own an airline hanger so we could do it there (that would make Jeremy pretty darn happy)?

Hope you had a good weekend - we had our 'Fall Fun Day' this past weekend, and it was pretty darn fantastic. I mean seriously, we are truly blessed to live in a place where you can see goats wandering on the roof of a barn, wander through a corn maze, drink rhubarb wine, sing with a local band at a high school graduation, eat in a park full of pink bear statues, and have a beer pitcher of beer for $3.75 all in one night. Gotta love Minnesota!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Hot pants!

I think I forgot to mention that one of our therapist people, wore zubaz. Everyday. Many colors. It was quite fantastic. I'm thinking I should try bringing back that trend...

Just a thought for this Friday.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

We graduated!

So Jeremy and I have now officially completed our pre-marital counseling, or as I fondly refer to it 'training class'. I know different synagogue's (and churches) do things differently, but ours has us go to this one on one program through Jewish Family and children Services. We were supposed to have six sessions with the therapist, and then they would evaluate if we were good to go, or if we needed more time.

So, to begin, we take this online evaluation. Now it was a long time ago, but as I recall, the questions read something like this:

Section 1:
Have you lived with your natural born parents?
Have you lived with adoptive parents?
Have you lived with family that is not your parents?
Have you lived with adoptive siblings?
Have you lived with natural born siblings?

Section 2:
Whole bunch of questions about your relationship with your family

Section 3:
Questions about your problem solving skills

Section 4:
Questions about money

And so on....

Well, needless to say, at meeting #1, the therapists (we actually had 2, one trainee and one real guy) were a bit confused that Jeremy had answered yes to each of the above questions. They, then assumed he would have some significant issues, and would be emotionally scarred etc... So, we spent the next two sessions showing them that he was about the most well adjusted kid out there. That, in fact, he was likely more well adjusted that kids from more typical situations. After that was over, we moved into money management, our strengths and weaknesses (apparently I am told that I have too many shoes and they need to be put away, not all over the place).

They were very helpful sessions, but by #4 we felt like we had nothing more to discuss. The therapist guy turned to us and said, well, you two seem like you've got it together, why don't we just stop here. SO...we graduated! And early! Oh yea, we're therapy superstars.

It was a very interesting program, I highly recommend it before anyone gets married. I'm sure the group ones are good too - but I think these individual sessions can be very valuable. Now I know...clean up my shoes. I also know, that I have a right to bitch, for 5 minutes a day. It needs a time limit, and it needs to be vocalized. But I can do it, if I want to!

So we're ready to get married, we graduated from couples therapy!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I now interrupt this blog for an urgent punky report:

So I was a little distracted last week, but didn't want to write about it until I knew all was well. Punky got sick last week. Okay, so now most dog owners would shove off the doggy throw up and exhaustion as nothing, or 'well she probably ate something she shouldn't have', but
a. we are paranoid
b. Lucy.

So I'm sorry, we have a bit of a reason to be paranoid - and to make things even creepier, it was the 1 year anniversery of Lucy's death. And my puppy was sick. Needless to say, I was a wreck. She was at the doggy hospital for 2 days, she got some fluids, and was proclaimed to have the 'Dog Flu'. She has very slowly gotten better, had a few more bumps in the road, but I think she's out of the woods now. A few more days of bland food and medication and she should be fine. Seriously, I am raising a child.

On a lighter note, Stacy got married this weekend! For some reason, the whole weekend seemed very much like Father of the Bride to me. While we were setting up on Saturday I felt like Fronk, telling people what to do and running around like a chicken with my head cut off. When I said my last goodbye to Stacy just before she walked down the aisle, I looked at her and cried. And then, at 9:45pm last night, when I got her voicemail telling me she was at the airport ready to leave for her honeymoon in Europe, but just wanted to say goodbye - I felt like the final scene where the dad just misses seeing his daughter leave but then...at the very last minute - stacy picked up her phone, and I got to say goodbye too - as did Steve Martin to his daughter. Okay, so Stacy's not my daughter, but whatever!

So here's to you Mr. and Mrs. Vossberg -- lots of love!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Drumroll please...

A little birdie (Abby) says...
Abby: update your blogg
i need to know what you chose!

So here it is! Now, this may not sound like the most exciting choices, but let me tell you, each flavor was absolutely outstanding and mind boggling, but these two were, like, knock your socks off unbelievable.

#1st and 3rd tier: Raspberry Diva: Dark Devils food misted with a Raspberry liquor and then delicate raspberry mousse, fresh raspberries and chocolate ganache.
*It is the best chocolate cake you have ever tasted, with real raspberries, and this amazing fudge with this mouse stuff too. OMG, seriously, this one might come close to 112 eatery's Tres Leche(though still not the same).

#2nd tier: Lemon Raspberry: A enticing blend of dripping lemon curd and fresh raspberries.
*Okay, now this doesn't sound amazing, but it is like the perfect mix of fresh lemon and fresh raspberry, it is so light and yummy and amazing.

so this bakery doesn't use Fondant (the waxy stuff that makes cakes look all pretty and fun...but tastes terrible). They don't use lard, shortening, food coloring or any artificial color or flavor. They use only real eggs, butter, cream, sugar. Therefore, it all tastes unbelievable - not that funny cake aftertaste, no grease, just pure and simple. However, this meant that our design choices were somewhat limited because they will only use the pure ingredients. As you can see on their website they still have some pretty creative designs however, and really - we were in it for the taste, and the quality...

Our cake looks a bit like this, but the layers are square and offset, and the squiggles are more modern rather than traditional. The first layer is white with chocolate ganache designs, the second is white with white polka dots, and the third is white with chocolate ganache again. It is going to be FANTASTIC! (I hope!) Seriously, if you live in Minnesota, you have to visit this bakery and pick something up (but call first to make sure they have stuff). It is mind blowing!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


And now, the part you have all been waiting for...CAKE!

Jeremy and I were bored this weekend, because it WOULD NOT STOP RAINING. So, he asked me if I thought we should go and see the place we intended to get our wedding cake from, look around (really, he wanted to get a cupcake). So I said, Sure, called to make sure they were open and we went over. I called my mom to let her know we were going (if you do not know my mother...picture the single most dessert obsessed woman you will ever meet...she's worse). I'm fairly certain her temperature raised about 10 degrees when I said we were going over there, and she responded: "Well maybe I should meet you guys there, just to make sure it's a nice place" Nice place, yea right...she also wanted cake!

We arrive at the shop in Minnetonka, Buttercream Bakery (www.buttercream.info). There are wedding cakes everywhere and a case full of nothing. Apparently they just make the cupcakes in small batches and don't typically stock anything to make sure everything is fresh. Luckily, they had a few left, so my mom was able to buy them out and bring some home for herself and her twin sister. As we were looking around the woman asked us if we wanted to do a tasting. Right then and there. We looked at each other, thought about it, and said, why not!? I guess we might as well go ahead and pick our cake!

Let me leave you drooling with the flavors and calories we consumed before I divulge what we choose:

Almond Praline: Buttery cakes with ground almonds and swirled with praline.

Amaretto Mousse: A very light but rich white cake and then filled with Italian Amaretto mousse.

Apple Caramel Almond: Minnesota grown tart apple chunks, ground almonds, a splash of AppleJack liquor with a swirl of caramel.

Bailey’s Chocolate: An Irishman’s dream! Bailey’s moistend dark rich devil’s food cake filled with our chocolate Irish creme mousse.

Banana Nut: Choose either chocolate or vanilla cakes with banana almond filling between each layer.

Bavarian Creme: Our version of a classic white cake but using no lard or shortening and not at all sugary.

Black Forest: Rich devils food with chopped dark cherries and a splash of cherry liquor.

Cappuccino Soufflé: Rich cream, chocolate & coffee folded in a soufflé cream between devils food cake.

Chocolate Chestnut Rum: This unique cake of dark chocolate devils food cake misted with dark rum and blended chocolate with puréed roasted chestnuts.

Chocolate Mint Chiffon: Select either vanilla or chocolate. Then we fill with a very light mint chiffon filling.

Chocolate Mousse: The same richness of the Chocolate Bailey’s Irish Cream without the liquor.

Chocolate Pistachio: Delicious chocolate cake with a distinctive Pistachio white chocolate mousse.

Chocolate Truffle: Without a doubt a chocolate lovers dream - chocolate truffle ganache between triple layers of chocolate cake.

Coconut Pineapple Creme: Light & refreshing - pineapple blended with toasted coconut.

Connecticut Carrot Cake: This moist traditional American cake is loaded with carrots, walnuts and pineapple.

Cookies & Creme: Moist dark devils food cake sandwiched with white chocolate mousse and Oreo cookie crumbs.

English Trifle: Alternating layers of sliced kiwi and strawberries or raspberries in our delicate vanilla cake.

Georgia Peach: A Southern Classic - French Vanilla white cake with chopped peaches and a hint of peach schnapps.

Grand Marnier: Delicate French sponges accented with a orange Grand Marnier mousse.

Kahlua Creme: If you love Kahlua - this is your flavor - choose either vanilla or chocolate cake.

Kiwi Creme: Without a doubt - the lightest of all cakes. Triple layers of pureed kiwi’s or inquire about sliced kiwi’s.

Lemon Raspberry: A enticing blend of dripping lemon curd and fresh raspberries.

Lemon Strawberry: A tempting combination of rich lemon curd and fresh sliced strawberries.

Lemon Sunshine: Our own tart lemon curd make this torte sparkle. Moist lemon genoise layered with lemon curd and lemon mousse.

Mandarin Orange: Best when using devils food - the flavor of chopped mandarin oranges and chocolate can’t be beat.

Marble: Not your mundane version - this dessert has alternating layers of vanilla & chocolate very pretty on the plate.

Porcelain Truffle: Same as chocolate truffle but this version has a glaze of raspberry puree.

Pumpkin Mousse: Vanilla cake with very rich pumpkin creme layers - Better than the pie.

Raspberry Diva: Dark Devils food misted with a Raspberry liquor and then delicate raspberry mousse, fresh raspberries and chocolate ganache.

Raspberry Royale: Simple elegance! Fresh seasonal berries and white chocolate mousse are layered with our triple sec soaked white cake.

Raspberry Truffle: Raspberry mousse and ganache fill the layers of this delicious torte.

Strawberry Ala Ritz: Simple elegance! Fresh seasonal berries and white chocolate mousse are layered with our ethereal triple sec soaked white cake.

Tiramisu: A little milder than the classic version, coffee and rum soaked sponges with cocoa.

Tempting Turtle: Dark rich, moist devils food cake layered with creamy hot fudge, lots of toasted pecans and thick caramel.

OHHHH, THE PRESSURE! THE SUSPENSE! You'll have to wait until tomorrow to hear what we picked!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Debra has made a request....

And because I love her so much. And because I miss her like crazy. I will oblige. The dress has been changed. This is the new one.
Debra, you have always been a trendsetter. I'm so happy you're bringing the South American neon trends to our wedding!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Can you paint?

If anyone reading this knows how to paint...speak now. We need a ketubah. And we want a unique one, and even have a great idea and know exactly what we want. We just need someone to follow through. So, if you can paint, and I mean more than finger painting on your parents walls, and less than Monet. Please inquire. Will pay. Will preform favors. Will work for ketubah.

Otherwise, it leaves us with no other choice but for Jeremy and I to make our own. And, if you know us, even in the slightest, you know this is a very, very bad idea.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

And here's a question...

How is a bridesmaid's dress the only cheaply made, over-priced frock that takes 4-6 months to order??!?!?! Craziness!

So there's my tip of the day: Find your bridesmaid's dresses earlier than you think you need. They take for-freaken EVER to come in.

On to the Punky report: How is my dog the only one who manages to have an instant boyfriend wherever she goes? And it's always the male dogs. My little hooch has now latched on to another dog at the new day care. There was waffles, then Bruiser, Jeeter and now Wally. Dang, this Shih-Shon sure gets around! Now lets hope she keeps her paws to herself.

Monday, September 8, 2008


So as I'm assuming you can guess...we went with florist #1 and figured we shouldn't try to break what is not broken. No need to continue meeting with others, lets go for it. I guess we'll all find out if they're as great as they appear....

On to Bridesmaid's dresses....after some consideration, hemming and hawing, testing and re-testing, I have come upon a bridesmaid's dress! It is short, chocolate brown, has a ribbon (which I am not sure if we will use or not). It is quite simple, flattering and hopefully the girls will not hate it. I could have stuck a giant pink bow on their behinds - so they should be grateful. No feathers, no flashing lights, no bows. Here it is...

And that's my story for the day! I have a bridesmaid's dress. Woooo hooooo.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

And on to florist #2

As we move along our quest for wedding reception bliss, we check out florist #2. We had a personal recommendation for this one, and thought, hey, we were so blown away but #1 - maybe #2 will be even better!

Let me set the stage. Florist #1. Located in our favorite part of town, the warehouse district, adjacent to our favorite quaint coffee shop, which we fondly call the Moose.

Florist #2. Located in a warehouse district of sorts, in Saint Louis Park! Among trailer homes and broken down cars, and a vacant Bakers Square. We circle and circle, trying to find the door, only to realize, of course, it is unmarked. We enter, expecting to find an artsy warehouse filled with flowers, ribbon, and photos of flowers. We find an old warehouse, wreaking of cat urine, with photos of a certain Christan icon on the walls. We are then greeted by a cat. Jeremy does not like cats. We meet the florist who invites us to sit down on the cat urine stained couch, with the cat sprawled out over the photos. Now I like cats, but this was a little More than I could handle.

We explain that we have very modern taste and are looking for seasonal flowers with an edge. Nothing froufrou, nothing poufey - think crisp, clean, modern. She retorts with what she believes would be the perfect bouquet for me. Pink Roses with lots of greenery, baby's breath, and brown berries of some sort. Clearly we were not speaking the same language.

This conversation continues for about an hour and a half, until I decide to tell them that my pregnant sister-in-law just texted me and said she desperately needed my help (thank you Emily for being my pawn!). We departed, she wished us well and said she looked forward to working on our wedding. Hours later, I emailed her, thanking her for her time, and letting her know that we would be moving in a different direction and would not need her assistance. Lovely lady, just not quite what we had in mind.

And in the end I learned, from a practical standpoint...their prices were THE SAME!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

And now on to florists....

The first in a 3 part series. Jeremy and I interview florists.

#1. Bastian Skoog.

Our greatest wedding planning lesson has been to ask your vendors for other vendor recommendations. They have been to a million weddings, they know who is good, who is bad, and who is terrible. They also know the great vendors, that don't advertise, don't need to advertise and do not overcharge you. So far, this wisdom has taken us quite far. After we found our photographer through a vendor recommendation, we moved onto florists, and asked him for a recommendation. He raved about this company and so, we thought we'd give them a call. I have to admit, about 90% of the reason we called them was because we thought their business card was pretty darn cool.

We set up a meeting and went down to their studio to meet them. We should have known this would be a good match as their studio is across from our very favorite brunch spot: Moose and Sadies. We went into their funky loft studio and fell in love. They were amazing, I felt like I was sitting on my best friend's sofa and chatting over coffee. We had a great time and fell IN LOVE with their work.

However, these were the first people we met, and knew that we should probably, for the sake of competitiveness, interview others as well...

As you wait on this cliff hanger, I need to do a bit of free advertising for these people, because their work is truly amazing - visit their website while you await the next post...


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Save the dates....

So as with everything regarding this wedding, I want everything to be 'just perfect'. Well that is all relative, but I have wanted to make sure everything is unique, and fun, but not over the top. Well not too over the top! We needed to order save the dates as our wedding is just 7 MONTHS AWAY! I found a great website


Which has great invites, save the dates etc... but it is a little limited on what it allows you to customize. I wanted particular colors, a particular photo, writing on the front and the back - a specific font. Can you tell I'm a control freak? It's a problem. So I found a save the date on there that I liked, and found a woman on my second favorite site to make them for me. Here it is...the next tip that will enhance your life in ways you cannot even imagine...


It is a fantastic website which is essentially a marketplace for handmade goods. They have everything from artists who will make custom paintings, printers who will do invitations, cool handmade jewelry, clothing, everything you could ever imagine. I found a woman on there who makes invitations in a similar style to the one I found, she happened to live in Minneapolis, and worked with her to create the save the date. We designed, re-designed, and tweaked for weeks until I had what I wanted. They were inexpensive and I had the luxury of a designer who could come up with creative ideas and put my ideas into print. So there it is, my tip of the day. Etsy.com

Monday, August 25, 2008

Article about our reception site...



and in answer to my parent's question: No, the million dollars of weddings booked for 2009 is not JUST ours. :-)

On another note, the fair was fantastic, and the chocolate covered bacon was the highlight. Though if Famous Dave's execs are reading this, which I'm sure they are, next year - we have decided - make the bacon crispy, not soft.

Oh, oh, and on a final note: I think I found a veil lady to make one quite cheap. Let me know if you will be needing a veil for your wedding. Or if you plan to start the trend of wearing veils in the workplace.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So we finally saw the Westin!

As most of you know, Jeremy and I booked our wedding reception at a location, sight unseen. It was not built, not even close, we had not seen drawings, fabric samples, art, chairs, paint...NOTHING! We based our decision on location, quality of service expected, and blind trust. Well yesterday was the day...a vendor of mine from work arranged a private tour of the hotel for us before it opened. Let me say...IT IS BEAUTIFUL. It is absolutely perfect. The location is fantastic. The carpet is perfect (despite an earlier comment from one of the Westin staff members who informed me that the carpet was to be teal). No teal. I should have taken pictures, but I did not - I will take some next time and post them. It is modern, calming, the artwork is exquisite, the staff is fantastic, and I'm certain the food (the most critical element) will be up to snuff. Blind trust paid off! I am a picky person, to say the least, and I love it. You should go wander into the hotel, it officially opens tomorrow, well maybe you don't care, but if you do, and you live in town - it is just gorgeous!

Double bonus, we really like the chairs, tables, and standard linens (key!), so we likely won't need to rent additional supplies. I am not a fan of draping in general, so I am very pleased that we will not need to do this or incur the additional expense. I always think it just looks like you're trying to cover something up, which you typically are. I think the new location, with great finishes will save us some money in the linen category - without the need to cover sins.

Whose excited for the fair?!?!? Jeremy, Lindsay and I will be heading to the chocolate covered bacon stand first. mmmmm! I'm guessing Lindsay's boyfriend Todd will be sorry he missed the fair with that one. Though, knowing him, I think he would prefer gourmet cheese covered bacon rather than chocolate.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Idea tool...

When we first got engaged people kept asking me what our color scheme would be for the wedding. You kidding?! I don't even know where to have the event, or what I'm supposed to wear - let alone colors!!!! As time went on, and the planning continued - we settled some of the fundamental ideas, and I was then on to colors. Now I don't believe that you NEED to have a 'color scheme' so to speak, but it is nice to have a theme so that things flow together (dresses, flowers, linens, invitations etc...)

Enter: Jeremy's wonderful friend Erica. Erica clued me into a fantastic website which is updated many times per day (for those of us who occasionally like to procrastinate at work!)


It is a great site with millions of idea for color schemes, flowers, attire, do-it-yourself projects, pictures of other peoples weddings (for voyeuristic people such as myself). I love it - and I cannot recommend it enough! I have a little black book with 3 sections: Attire, reception and Pre-planning. When I find pictures or ideas I like, I print them out and put them in their appropriate section. Yes, I know that sounds crazy, but you would be surprised by how much the vendors appreciate having a bride who has some sense of what she wants. I do not mean that you should tell them what to do, allow them to be creative, but give them some guidance.

Okay, that's my tip for the day! Visit it often...even if not planning a wedding. I have taken ideas from for painting my condo!

Friday, August 15, 2008

This one's crude, beware!

Sign that Punky is feeling better, and that her dog walker is a bit nuts...His note to us in "The Punky Report" which he leaves daily: "Thursday, August 14, 2008. Punky's poop was firm and formed. Have a nice weekend. -Daniel-"

Ahh, this is the life.

On a wedding note: We are meeting with the 'registrar' at Bloomingdale's tomorrow. After my most recent experience at Macy's shopping for Ali's bridal shower gift, I don't think I can do it. I don't think I can register there. They make me so frustrated, and never have anything. I am protesting. Updates to follow.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Punky goes to the ER

So we had a bit of a scare at our house last night. Punky had not been feeling well for the past few days (i.e. not keeping her food down). We figured it was a bug that would blow over, until I got home last night to find my little snub nose puppy with a ballooning face. Her face was totally swollen, picture Veruca Salt in a canine version. We got scared and rushed her to the emergency vet. They put is in a room, which, unfortunately, we had already sat in once in out lives. I was less than pleased to be back in this room, but was certain this time would not be the same.

Being the evesdropper that I am, I spent our waiting period listing to other visitor's woes. This included one woman who I was certain said, "I am here with my 36 cats". Jeremy thinks I am very wrong, and she stated that she was, "Here with her very sick cat". Okay, whatever. Anyways, they gave her two shots, and we sat there, icing her face for a while to bring down the swelling. The shot did the trick and we were able to go home about an hour and a half later. Punky is fine - albeit still a bit puffy cheeked. But I could not help but think, thankfully, this trip, was better than the last. And now I think, hopefully I will never sit inside those 4 walls again. Ever.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Monday, August 11, 2008


The puppy arrived! He is prescious and wonderful, and annoyingly enough - already potty trained. We struggled with Punker for over a year, and even to this day I am amazed when she asks to go potty outside. And they get the perfect dog. Quite the luck.

And another interesting turn of events....my sister is now engaged too! She's not really a writer, she's more of a reader - so I doubt that there will be a blog for that one, but we are all very excited to welcome yet another member into the family. Congratulations Robyn! You better not put me in a hideous dress. Remember, I don't do feathers and I prefer no bows. That is if she wants me to be in her wedding.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rehersal dinner....

Again, blogger readers, I need help...because I have no clue what I am doing! We are trying to find a place to hold the rehersal dinner for the wedding, on Friday night, April 3. Ideally I had thought it would be fun to rent out a restaurant that doesn't normally do that, or something like that - but that is not going as easily as I had thought.

Does anyone have ideas for places in Edina, Uptown, St. Louis Park etc... that would have a fun area to rent out for this purpose?!?!?


Monday, August 4, 2008

Find Patches a home!

So my parents decided this past weekend that they wanted to take a look at a puppy. They have a wonderful dog, Mocha, who is 11, but she can no longer go on walks due to her arthritis. So, my parents thought that maybe it would be a good time to get a puppy to walk, and keep Mocha company. So, we went looking at puppies with them, from the same breeder that Mocha came from.

Enter Patches. So my parents had a dog in mind that they wanted to look at, and they feel instantly in love with him. Sold - they are getting him (and he is precious). Jeremy and I fell madly in love with another little pup, that we have affectionately named 'Patches'. We want patches! However, we live in a 1200 square foot condominium downtown Minneapolis, and it simply makes no sense to get another dog. So...one of you must adopt Patches. He is amazingly cute, UNBELIEVABLY sweet, and so you must have him. I am not kidding. My parents are picking up their pup next Saturday, you can go with them, and pick up patches. And we will babysit all the time. PLEASE!!! ADOPT PATCHES!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Meeting the cantor...

So Jeremy and I are in the fortunate position to have two clergy people who are very close to us. My cousin Leigh Lerner is a rabbi, formerly in Minnesota, and now living and working in Canada. Jeremy's parents had a good friend, Steve, who is a cantor. To further complicate matters, the rabbi at my synagogue has also been my rabbi since the day I was born and I feel very close to him, and like him very much. Quite the problem to have!

This past week we met with Steve while he was in town to discuss the wedding, answer his questions, and chat a bit. I was beyond nervous for this meeting, what do you say to a cantor! I am musically ignorant! I know nothing! What if he asks me about music, or what if he gives me a clarinet and asks me to play it. There are so many unknowns running through my head. It brings me back to my band days when I was asked to please, "Hold the clarinet but do not blow into it." You see, I only knew how to play 1 scale and nothing else, and apparently it doesn't sound nice when 1 band member plays the same scale over and over again, and the rest of the band can manage to play the 3rd grade level song. Musical talent, does not run in my family.

So anyway, the meeting went fine - he asked us questions such as 'why do you want to marry each other', and 'will you each break a glass, or just Jeremy'. So we were just fine! (that is until he started recommending songs for the trio to play as we walked down the aisle, causing Jeremy to stumble to write down all these Hebrew songs!) But, it went well, and we should feel so lucky, that we will have an overabundance of clergy people at the wedding!

Have a great weekend, stay cool...it's hot out there!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So, because I have no clue what I am doing - I also have no clue how to get a veil. I can order one, from the place I got my dress, but it would be custom made and $400. And, while the saleswoman tried to convince me that this was an 'investment' she also failed to answer my question of how this 'investment' would gain in value - the definition of an investment. I conceded on the dress front, and got a fabulous dress that was more than any single dress should ever cost, but a veil..I will wear this thing for all of 30 minutes and then take it off. Contrary to the saleswoman's belief, this thing will then be tucked neatly away in a box in my parent's basement for all of eternity. Until one of their animals lifts their leg on the box in which it resides, causing the soft ivory to turn to a lovely pee yellow. Okay, so enough of that. I would like a nice simple veil (see model below ...model being Robyn's friend Hollie), but I just don't think I need to make a $400 "Investment". Does anyone know of a great place to get a veil, or someone who makes them for less than $400???? Suggestions!?

Thanks everyone...you're the best! (if anyone is even reading this...comment people!)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Punky Report

Tomorrow is the big day, our little pup, Punky, turns 1! Yes, it is quite a big day. The occasion was marked with an afternoon party yesterday for 4 of her friends. Mocha Weinblatt, Honey Miller, Hershey Goldberg and Speck Miller joined us for an afternoon of home baked dog cookies, and puppy chow for the people along with present opening. The snacks were followed by a walk to the Sculpture garden were the dogs had a lovely time relieving themselves on the sculptures. A good time was had by all.

So this post is for you Punk - quite possibly the most spoiled, doted upon, and adored dog in the world. Happy Birthday baby!

Friday, July 25, 2008

more songs....

Jer is singing more songs to the pup. (they have to do with the dog being birthed)

Thursday, July 24, 2008


blogger website is having issues...guess that is all the pictures I can post for now. Look on facebook or wedding website for more


I really just like the pictures of the pup. Is that normal?

p.s. Jeremy and I are trying to get in on the 'cool crowd' at The Groveland (the building we live in). A few weeks ago we went to one of the community happy hours, tonight, we tackled the community pot luck - lets just say - it was great. We were invited on a tour of our friend's, the Chase's condo. We met their dog, toured their home, saw their beds (and yes, I mean beds...two double beds in their bedroom). Oh yea, we're pretty cool in the over 75 club, we may have to save up our aches and pains for the next one so we have conversation to contribute.

We have them!

Here are some favorites - more on facebook/wedding website. This photographer is amazing. I cannot say enough about him -- he is unbelievable.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Engagement pictures are being mailed to us tomorrow (on a CD). The only hint we have is that they went 'very artsy'... Sounds exciting to me. Hopefully they didn't superimpose punky's face over Jeremy's or something like that. Though come to think of it, that could be pretty amazing!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


You got it - it's official....WE HAVE DAIRY QUEEN. Now if you know Jeremy, you know he does not make too many requests. He is very easy to please, happy with most everything. For our wedding, he said (perhaps jokingly) that he wanted Dairy Queen Blizzards for dessert. Well when someone doesn't ask for much, the least I could do was oblige when he does! So...after begging, and pleading, calling, and researching we have figured it out! We will have a Dairy Queen Blizzard Man at the wedding! So I've spilled the great secret, but you won't know the flavors. You have to show up to find out!

This may be the most exciting development so far. However, again, in an effort to thank and give credit, it all goes to my mom. My mom with the insane sweet tooth, who did all of the calling, researching, begging and pleading. My wonderful mother who will do most anything in the world for her two favorite things, Chocolate and Ice Cream. (Ha, and you thought I was going to say my sister and I...no way! Chocolate and Ice Cream supersede children. And I don't blame her)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Now here is god's gift to the wedding list

And I will give credit where credit is due, so it is with that that I thank both Ali Schoenberger (well really Nancy Schoenberger), and the fine people at google. Drum roll please....THE GOOGLE SPREADSHEET! So when you are working on a spreadsheet at work, and you can collaborate through the office with other users on the network, well this is the same idea for non office users. We created our wedding list on google documents, I added the necessary people as 'users' and now we are all working on the same wedding list. We are not passing around 17 different versions of the same Excel spreadsheet, not looking at different versions, spelling people's names wrong - nope, we are all looking at the very same document at all times. Constantly updating it, and working together to gather the information. It is brilliant, wonderful, and the greatest gift the 21st century has given to weddings. Well maybe that and Spanx. This sucker is brilliant.

So...if you are reading this because you have not yet planned your wedding, look - maybe I have just shared a little gem of wisdom with you! I am not a complete fool about wedding planning anymore, I know all about google documents!

Hope you all have a great week.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Ceremony music

I'm stumped...what do people do for music at the ceremony? Anyone know someone who is good. I guess I'd like something a bit more exciting than the piano, but maybe not, maybe that is fine. I don't know!

Jeremy has kindly offered to sing, he thought we could just do a duet while we are standing up there. Very good idea, I'm all for it. Unfortunately, I don't think the rest of the world would appreciate our musical endeavor.

Send me ideas!

1 more week until we get the engagement pictures back!

Monday, July 14, 2008


First, I have fans! People actually do read this! Big shout out to Sally for informing me this weekend that people do read my blog and enjoy it! That's fantastic! Though really, it's quite cathartic to write, as it allows me to think through the process as I go, and reflect on the enormity of my ignorance!

Friday we drove out to meet with a videographer for our wedding. It was the beginning of a torrential downpour, and we knew we were going to hire this guy, not matter what, but for some unknown reason we still braved the elements to meet him in the middle of Roseville. Nevertheless, we met with this guy, and asked him the typical questions.

Jeremy: Have you ever done a Jewish wedding?
Videographer: No
Videographer: Where will the wedding be held?
Jeremy and Kara: The new Westin in Edina.
Videographer: There's going to be a new Westin in Edina!?
Videographer: So, this is going to be an amazing video with stills and music!
Jeremy and Kara: Yea, our parents just said we have to have one - we don't really care all that much about video.

Needless to say, not the most productive meeting, but all in all, the guy is really nice, young, and creative - and I'm sure he'll do a fine job. Jeremy did inform him that there's something called a Chuppa - a canopy over us during the ceremony, and he mustn’t move it and must get video of us under it - that is pretty much the key to a Jewish ceremony. The rest, he'll figure out. Yea, we're flying by the seat of our pants on this one. Taking a leap of faith. Oh well!

We have, on many occasions discussed getting all of our wedding vendors together for drinks at our place. They are all young, fun, energetic, creative, wonderful people -- I think it could be a blast. Just a thought...but it could be entertaining!

And so...we have a videographer. Stay tuned: engagement pictures coming soon....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Clearly we have not figured out the 'how to register' portion of the wedding....

A few weekends ago, Jeremy and I went to Crate and Barrel to open a registry for the wedding. We felt it was fairly early, but friends and family had asked us to do so - so we obliged. Well this was a bit like the blind leading the blind. After our hour long tour of the store by their very helpful, but also very overwhelming, 'registry guru' ...we found ourselves, standing, blank faced and bamboozled, in the middle of what seemed to be the world's largest Crate and Barrel store.

There was china, so many varieties, colors, materials, knives - do you get a set, or individual. As Jeremy has pointed out - who’s going to buy us 1 butcher knife for our wedding gift? I can just picture the card: "Dear Jeremy and Kara hope you have a long and happy life together filled with lots of joy. Enjoy the butcher knife". We might as well register for a chainsaw. And then there are utensils, and pots and pans, sheets, towels - and they all start looking the same. And - most of it we can't even look at because we are far too early, and as we learned, the entire store will turn over twice before our wedding. So...that would be futile. After mulling around the store for an additional 45 minutes - Jeremy managed to find one item to register for - 5000 jars of chocolate sauce. Yep, that's all we had on there! By the time we left we managed to remove the chocolate sauce and in its place add a soap dispenser, metal bowls and a colander. This does not bode well for our future needs. If you visit us we will be eating strained foods, out of bowls, with really clean hands.

Let’s hope round two in a few more months is a bit more successful. For now - we'll leave our three items on there and call it a day.

Tonight is try #2 for the engagement photos. Wish us luck - let’s hope it works this time! Have I mentioned we are hosting a birthday party for Punky!? Oh yes, it’s her first birthday -- there will be a dog cake, goodie bags, perhaps a walk to the park. She was allowed to invite 4 guests; it should be a raging' good time.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Sidebar away from wedding talk

Though there have been many exciting advancements, thought I'd send out an update on my amazingly exciting life this time!

** This past weekend we spent in Chicago visiting friends, walking, shopping, and eating. Lots of eating. We tried to go to Garrett's -- which after many trips to chi-town, I somehow have missed, but the lines were down the block. And well, if you know me, you know I don't do lines. Lines are for people with patience. I am not one of those people.

We did have an amazing Dim Sum brunch at David Burke Chicago thanks to our friend Todd's suggestion. They may have stood us up in Chicago, but their dining suggestions are top notch. If you have never eaten short ribs, fried chicken, ham hock mac and cheese, shrimp, lobster lollypops, pork buns, eggs Benedict, creamed spinach, tuna tartar, ice cream sundaes, key lime pie, cheesecake (and that's not everything) for breakfast, well you are just missing out. You should probably plan a special trip. It was unbelievable. So unbelievable, I am still not hungry - 36 hours later.

**Punky has remained STD free for several months now; I consider this a major feat. We are very proud parents. She has also refrained from eating her own feces for a while now. We have the next Dougie Houser, M.D.

**Jeremy has not sung to her lately, maybe we'll have a singing spell this evening. I'm thinking something to the tune of 'you are my sunshine'.

**We played a very fun game on our trip - I highly recommend it for all of your traveling needs - its called..."count the crocks". The goal - count how many people you see wearing crocks, best place to begin - any airport across the US, but particularly Minneapolis/St. Paul.

I think that's about all for now. My words of wisdom. I know, they're like gold - cherish them. Send me comments - I have to make sure people are reading this! But heck, even if you're not - and I'm writing this to myself, I'm still okay with that. Is that odd?


Friday, June 27, 2008

And then sometimes you hit roadblocks...

So Jeremy and I are not always blessed with the greatest of luck, however, we are people who tend to figure out how to turn that around. So to make this post positive, I will tell you the tale, and again how we plan to turn it around.

First, we find out earlier this week that the director of catering for the Westin, the woman we had been working with all along; the woman whom I had google stalked, and checked her references; the woman who made me feel comfortable enough with her experience to book my wedding at a building which was still under construction...was fired. Yep, gone. In an effort not to freak out, I calmly called the director of the hotel, or whatever his title is...and asked for an explanation. He explained that she had already dropped the ball on a few major items, and they were sensing concerns, so they decided to make a change before they opened. And, as he told me, "We are the Westin, and we just simply cannot accept anything less than perfection". Okay buddy, it's the Westin, not the Ritz, but okay, lets charge ahead and find someone else before I have a panic attack. So, for now, I'm remaining calm, and undisturbed, knowing that there's absolutely nothing I can do about it.

Incident #2. Last night we had engagement pictures as I mentioned. So I raced home from work, picked up the dog at day care, gave her a bath (no easy task), made dinner, showered, managed to find something to wear (again, no easy task), got us together and raced over to Centennial Lakes Park to meet the photographer and my parents. My parents were going to entertain the dog while she was not in pictures. Very nice of them. We wait, we wander, we look at the lake, we watch awkward date, after awkward date at the park, still no photographer. He doesn't show. We wait over an hour, and no photographer. Well, those of you who know me well, know that timeliness is one of my big sticking points. I respect people's time, and therefore, I plan to be early to everything, all the time. And this guy's a no show. So again, trying to maintain my composure, we send numerous emails to this guy from Jer's Blackberry, call his studio, even call 411 for everyone with the same name as him...and called each one of them! "Hi, uh are you XXX XXXXX from XYZ photography, no, okay, well have a nice evening". Yep, I was that mad.

So we arrive home, send him one last strongly worded email and go to bed. We awake this morning (5:30am mind you, Jeremy is laying in bed checking his Blackberry...apparently Dave had some crisis he needed help with, thanks Dave!) and we receive a response from the photographer. To make a long story short, his company is expanding and he just hired his first assistant, she is a tool, and did not communicate. And the icing on the cake, he won't be available to talk until later today because he's volunteering at Feed My Starving children. Of course, do a nice thing, you know I'm a sucker for people who volunteer. So, we'll talk to him, hear him out, see what we can get out of the deal. This guy is truly fantastic or I would have walked on the spot. But really, his work is outstanding, like nothing I've ever seen before. And...on the bright side, I really didn't like what I chose to wear anyways, maybe this will give me a bit more time to figure that out.

Check ya later.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

So tonight's the big night...

Okay, so not THE big night, but a big one. A night where I have to manage to hide the pimples, make the hair look manageable, and wrangle the dog to make her look sweet and innocent, which is just a big fat lie. Tonight, we have 'engagement pictures'. And no, I have yet to find a purpose for these photos. So if you want one, speak now, because I certainly cannot think of what we are going to do with them. Next time you come to our condo, our second bathroom may be wallpapered with photos of us romping in a park, throwing leaves in the air, and smelling the perfectly placed flowers. All such natural poses. Okay, now I will stop being cynical for a moment and share why we chose to do engagement photos. I have two reasons. #1. If they are terrible, and I hate this guy's style - its not too late to get out and find someone else. #2. We can look at the types of shots, and tell him which ones we like and don't like, which will allow him to figure out what we want for the actual wedding. Look at me, all of a sudden I am such a wise bride-to-be. Not.

I'll post the pictures if I can. Mostly I'm hoping they will be photos of the dog, that's really all I want! Let's hope she doesn't have any poopy-eating incidents at daycare today or I will have to give her an emergency bath before our photo shoot.

More soon!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

And on to the next two....

The third photographer was fairly uneventful. Decent, nothing special, located in a very creepy building that smelled like old ladies - but whatever. We were in, realized it wasn't for us, and were out pretty darn quick.

We were fairly certain we wanted to go with the final photographer, before our meeting. He seemed to be all that we were looking for on paper - but I had some hesitations. I was a little concerned by the outdated photos on his website, but we met with him none the less. My concerns were validated as I found that work was also not quite what we had in mind. Nope, after this fourth meeting it was clear, we had chosen our guy.

Surfer dude it is. I am certain that my entire family will be smiling as they will be laughing at his perplexing demeanor. He is hilarious and crazy, and well - I like people with those characteristics. Andrew it is, he's our photography man.

On a Punky note...today she had to try a new daycare facility as I have just started a new job. This is very concerning to her over protective mother. Yes, today, like every other time I have had to leave her at a new place, I cried. Yup, standing in a new dog day care facility, I'm tearing up. Yep, I know, I'm a little attached.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

And so we move on to photographers...

And this is a fun task! Interviewing photographers... We decided to look far and wide for creative, artistic photographers who could provide us with a more unique photographic view of the wedding. And unique we found. The first photographer was wonderful, very sweet, calming, had very nice work. We were impressed. We thought she was a winner, but knew we should keep looking for the sake of comparison. As we continued to ponder our meeting with her we started thinking, she was sweet, maybe a bit TOO sweet. My family members are a bit challenging. One hates having her picture taken, another only allows them from a certain angle, some don't talk to each other, and others do talk to each other but wish they didn't. We were not sure that the oh-so-sweet photographer could wrangle the family in a diplomatic and yet productive manner.

On to photographer number two, Andrew. He seemed like quite a character, from the start every other word out of his mouth was either "dude" or "amazing". However, we had seen his website, and his work was outstanding, so we wanted to meet with him. We walked into his very cool studio and found him sitting behind an actual full bar. We hear from behind the bar: "Heeeyyyy guys! Come on over, have a drink!" Jeremy refused, but not this girl, it had been one long day, and I welcomed Andrew's peace offering. All sat down together across this bar, in the middle of a photography studio and attempted to talk photography, but mostly he kept discussing our energy, and travel, and "the great vibe he was getting from us". I was entertained, and wanted more. I wasn't quite sure I understood this character, but I certainly was amused. And, more importantly, his photographs blew us out of the water. This one, I was certain, would have no problem wrangling my family. He was a character with just enough attitude to get the job done. I liked him, but still, we felt we should soldier on to ensure we made the most educated decision.

Stay tuned....more to come!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Urgent punky report

Jeremy is currently digging through his laundry singing to the dog(whom we call doody)..."You're the prettiest doody, the prettiest doody, prettiest doody in the world. Oh my pretty doody." And that's no lie. I wish I could record sound and post it on here. This is one, not to miss.

And then I found it...

The dress. My last stop was at a great little store in St. Paul. This store was located in renovated, early 1900's house. It was a quaint and attractive location, but also very practical. Dressing rooms were made out of bedrooms, and the gown area, made out of the living room. One of my biggest pet peeves from wedding shops had been the dressing rooms. You enter these average sized dressing rooms with approximately 4-7 enormous gowns, 2-3 relatives, and 1 overbearing sales person. Lets just say, it resembled my grandmother's freezer (which my grandpa swears you take your life in your own hands if you open). These rooms were large, spacious and I could breathe. Ping - one point in this store's court!

I tried on about 5 dresses. Each was beautiful, and actually most fit fairly well. I found one designer whose dresses fit me particularly well. The shop owner informed me that the dresses were made to fit a more petite size, maybe that's the polite way of saying - "Kara, you are miniature, you need to find a dress for miniature people". Anyway, they fit me well, and in a way which I thought others could not match. And then...my mom spotted it. The dress that encompassed everything I was looking for. (Because I know Jeremy is reading this, I will not divulge any further information, but it is fantastic!) And, it fit! That may not seem like much, but sample dresses are typically very large, and fairly gross. These ones however, were much smaller, clean and beautiful.

This is when I realized I was truly my mother's daughter. I started bargaining with the woman. I offered to buy the sample dress for them in return for a significant discount. They obliged! After we got down to a price I was comfortable with, it was mine! Well almost mine, it is currently being housed in the store in their "temperature and humidity controlled storage space". Who knew a dress was like wine. I like them even more now.

On to the Punky report....she is headed to the Pet Hotel this weekend while Jeremy and I travel to Cornell for his 5 year college reunion. You know what happens when kids are left alone and parents are away. Lets just hope our hooch of a dog can keep her paws to herself for the weekend!