Monday, May 26, 2008

And now I understand what a Bridezilla is...

Last week we had a few days off of work because the company I work for was moving its corporate headquarters. While some took this this time to visit our tenants, or do other work related things, I chose to look for wedding dresses. A wise decision in my opinion. I chose to visit one of the larger bridal shops in town. I had heard that this place was quite crazy on the weekends, brides everywhere, grabbing dresses to try on etc... Therefore, I thought that my Friday afternoon visit would be a quiet time to go, and take a look at their offerings. WRONG! As I meekly sauntered up to the door of this so called "Shoppe", I found it was much more of a "Mart" for brides. I walked up to the hostess, yes, literally a hostess desk, put my name on the waiting list (though I had an appointment), yes, waiting list, and stood shoulder to shoulder with other brides and their friends and families as we waited to walk up the ominous 'stairway to dresses'. My name was soon called, rather, shouted by the hostess and we were escorted up to the top floor with a quick "So what do you want?" As I gave my response she wandered away and proceeded to pull her favorite dresses. Her picks, all lace, many rhinestones, lots of pouf - not exactly what I had in mind.

The second element of this trip which unnerved me were the other brides at this store. One bride, accompanied by her seven of her closest family and friends decided that shopping for dresses was also a great time for a photo shoot. Now maybe this is a cost saving measure, take photos at the shop. Then, take the groom to the tux rental place, take pictures of him in his tux. Leave, photo shop the pictures together, then run off to Vegas and get married. Now that I type that out, it doesn't sound like such a bad idea! So they took, and I am not exaggerating, about 25 pictures of this girl and her various relatives in several dresses. I attempted to shop amongst the photo-obsessed bride and every living relative she had; as well as another bride, who arrived to look for dresses just a month before the wedding (she was engaged over a year ago, but didn't know it was something she should have done earlier - clearly she has been living under a rock). However, as the dresses brought to me by the sales woman got uglier, my patience decreased. I found myself frustrated and awash in the crazy ongoings of the day....This was not the place for me. However, I am very happy that photo-bride now has 87 pictures with me looking pissed off in the background, and dumb-bride may or may not be wearing white sweat pants and a white sweatshirt to her wedding due to her unfortunate timing.

On the punky report: Jeremy is currently rocking her back and forth on the floor while brushing her, and singing "Your daddy loves you more than your mommy, your daddy loves you more than your mommy" -- to the tune of row-row-row your boat.

Much love!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Don't tell me what I like!

This weekend I went dress shopping again, this time I went to Macy's bridal salon with my mom, aunt and cousin Jen. We walk in, wait a bit and are escorted to a very large dressing room. No wedding gowns in sight. We sit down, a little unsure of what we are supposed to do in this large room. A woman enters, asks me what I likes and proceeds to bring me just the opposite. Beads, lace, one even had TWO giant flowers on the butt. Okay lady, what part of simple and elegant do you not understand!?!? So Macy's was a no-go. People, if I want to look at dresses, then I want to LOOK at them, not have you bring me what you think I might like - chance are - you will be wrong.

Beyond that, we booked a band. The RFactor. Hope you like them! And if you don't, lie and say that you do, okay?! We think we may have secured a "Blizzard Man" to come and make blizzards at the wedding (again, my mom is quite concerned about the desert aspect of the wedding). I think that's about all for now, here's a new twist. A friend just got engaged and has started asking US for advice! Yea right, like we have advice to give. We have no clue what we're doing! Guess it goes to show that nobody really does.

Punky is doing well and staying on the straight and narrow. That's all we can ask at this tenuous point in her life. She just needs to keep her paws to herself and I think we can make it through this rough patch of promiscuity!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Guess we're gettin' hitched!

We signed our lives away! We are officially the very first wedding at the new Westin Galleria in Edina! And the best part of the whole thing? The event planner through the Westin will now be the person who deals with the crazy band guy...oh, that reminds me, I think you all need an update on crazy band guy.

Crazy band guy (the band's agent who emailed me 7 times within 10 minutes, whom I accidentally sent a nasty email to, the man who never stops calling me):
* Had me PAGED at work twice on Wednesday
* Called me three times within 10 minutes without leaving a message though I clearly told him I would be in a meeting
* Informed me that he "knows that I own Welsh Companies" (when you look at a totem pole, and you see that sad little guy at the bottom, I'm somewhere under him on the Welsh Companies pole)

Needless to say, the man's a bit crazy. However, we have heard the band is great, and really want to go with them, therefore my excitement over the Westin lady taking control.

Not much else is new, the dog is fine for now. Though we have had several discussions about her inappropriate behavior at day care, which has lead her down a difficult road. I hope this isn't the start a pattern of promiscuity for her. It could be a rough road through her teenage years if that proves to be true. Oh Punky. What are we going to do with you!? Oh, and on that note, the Westin Lady suggested that Jer has his groom's cake made into the shape of the dog if we want to incorporate her in the wedding. Hmm...maybe its just me but people might think we've totally lost it. Okay, fair enough, they know we already have.

Bye for now! Much love to everyone!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dress, Band, STD oh my


I started looking for dresses! (this will appeal to the girls, guys, you can skip to the next paragraph!) Found a dress on my first try that I am in love with but it is quite pricey. I am going to keep looking and see what I find. But seriously, this dress is amazing (minus the giant clips they had to use to hold it on to me..sample dresses are a bit large). The store was amazing, the sales woman, was 0 pressure, it was great. The first time out I just went with my mom, nobody else. I think that was a good decision. I think I would have been quite overwhelmed with a whole gaggle of people when I had no clue what I was doing. This weekend we're going again, this time my cousin Jen and my Auntie are coming with me. Should be fun!

Band...after my little faux pas last week, I decided to email the guy back instead of calling him. We are between two bands, the RFactor, and the Sevilles - let me know if anyone has seen either and has an opinion one way or the other. I made Bongers listen to both of them online ad nauseam last night!

Last, for the ever promised Punky Report.... Today we arrived at Petsmart for daycare with a very active Punky. They did their routine morning exam and found another STD! My dog is a hooch! She has the papilloma again! So, she's at the vet for the day. Seriously, just my luck to get the hoochey dog. I think punky and I need to have some difficult conversations about safety tonight.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Friday, May 9, 2008

Pow Wow time

So I'm going to share a lesson I have learned in the last few weeks of planning: Sometimes the best thing you can do is to sit down, re-group, strategize, and as we call it in property management "Re-forecast". Look at where you are, budget-wise, guest-list wise, mental sanity-wise... (you see a pattern of me making up words!?).

Last night Jeremy and I sat down with my parents, laid everything out and just took a look at where we were at in all of those categories. It not only made me feel better to know we were all on the same page, but it was helpful to get input from others and reconnect.

My uber organized father created an action plan, and tasks for everyone, my detail focused but big picture inept mother continued to ask questions regarding the desert table, and what we wanted to serve, as well as schedule times to look for dresses, Jeremy did what he does best - which is crowd control, and tried to bring everyone back to the point, and I meandered, which is what I do. All in all, a very productive meeting. This is what we have so far
* Location - Westin Edina
* Band (ohh funny story on this one! So I emailed this guy with a band we were interested in to see if they were available. He sent me SEVEN response emails full of information. So I tried forwarding one of them on to Jeremy with the text, "What the F***, does this band guy need to send me 7 emails?!" Well I found out a few hours later that I had not forwarded it to Jeremy, but rather hit reply and sent it back to the band guy. I found this out when band guy called me back, wearily apologizing for his SEVEN emails. I'm a tool)
* Working on a photographer
* Working on a photo booth
* My mom is busy obsessing over the dessert table

That's about all for now. I promise Stacy, I'll post the hunchback vs. mannequin photos later this evening!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Beyond comprehension

Yesterday was beyond blog-able words. Yes, I did invent that word, I have taken that literary license. In an effort to keep this positive and honor rather than offend those in my life who are assisting me in this process I will sum up yesterday in two sentences.

When planning a wedding, it is imperative that you and your spouse determine what is important to you and what you want to see; maintain this vision and find a way to achieve it. This process is for you and nobody else.

Tonight Jeremy and I are having a little pow wow with my parents to establish a budget, and create a plan. Should be thrilling. Last weekend we took 'engagement pictures'. And by that I mean we both looked decently nice so my dad shot some pictures in the entrance to their house. However, Jeremy somehow looks like he is a mannequin hung on a string in each one, and I resemble the hunchback of Notre Dame. Take II this weekend.

Ta Ta for now!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Band are expensive! And really, the big guys are pretty average. And this is what boggles my mind...I've offered to just stand up there and sing myself and nobody's taking me up on it! Strange, I know.

So today again, I'm in need of some feedback. Because...remember the title of this blog again! I have no idea what I'm doing! Has anyone seen a band at a wedding that they loved? Anyone different? I want them to do the typical stuff, and the Jewish stuff, but most anyone can do that. Any insights? If you don't have any, I really dont mind getting up there and singing on my own. I don't mind, not one bit.

p.s. I'm loving this graphic! I should probably find that book!

Monday, May 5, 2008


Don't these people know I have a wedding to plan?! And by people, I mean these randoms wandering around my desk, okay, so some call them coworkers, and my desk happens to be in someplace called my office, but whatever! I have a lot to do.

I think we have a place....the brand new Westin in Edina, not yet built, but opening in September, and beautiful! Any thoughts? Please comment!! So now, I can calm down a bit once we have a location. Or so I say now. Who are we kidding? Do I ever really calm down? Nope.

Also...please comment! If you hate my ideas, or love them, or have suggestions - please help. Remember the title of this blog? I have no clue what I am doing!!! Any advice, or opinions are greatly appreciated since I am about as useless as a footless frog.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Thank goodness for Jesus!

Today found Jeremy and I wandering around Minneapolis and its neighboring suburbs in search of a wedding locale. After contacting numerous venues, I found that they have strange hours of operation. Please tell me what wedding couple is available at 2:30 Wednesday afternoon to tour their site?!? Not these ones! So, we made a few appointments, and tried to just crash other weddings and set-ups to see if we like them. These are our observations, should you care to read on...
  • Whose da hoe? Mintahoe. (that's the catering company for several locations). We visited Nicollet Island Pavilion with a woman from this company. I am fairly certain she had memorized the tour off of note cards which she was reading word for word in her head. Did we like it there? No. Ugly chairs, no view in April. I hate forest green, and everything there was forest green. So that's a no.
  • International Market Square - must we take an entire tour of a location when you know our wedding date only to inform us after the tour that it is booked?!?
  • Metropolitan - we wandered in as they were setting up for an event this evening. Here...we found Jesus. A man helping to set up for the wedding who was FANTASTIC. He was just your average guy, who knew everything about the place and had tons of great information and insights with out the B.S. I had serious reservations about this location, but after meeting Jesus - and walking through's a real possibility.
  • Carlson Towers - got there too late - someone else decided to have an event there tonight which was just so inconvenient for randoms like us who wanted to wander through.
  • Westin Edina - also closed, too late. We'll find out more info later.

So that's about it for today, but suggestion to event location sales people out there....CALM THE HECK DOWN. Wow, they were a little much for me to handle! Onward, and upwards, we continue - looking for more locations, and continuing this epic journey.

Friday, May 2, 2008


Here's the thing...Jews, we're superstitious people. I am no exception, nor is Jeremy - to a reasonable extent. So we picked a date for the wedding - and then found out it is during a "Bad Luck Time" - the Counting of the Omer. Dang Omer counting, messed up our date. After much debate, we decided not to test our luck, not to mess with the Omer! We are two people who do not have tremendous luck - lets not go there. However, the Omer counting lasts a long time!

To make a long story short, we picked a date - April 4, 2009. No Omer counting involved. Not a bad luck time. And all the superstitious people out there have informed us that, if it rains, well that's added GOOD luck! So there it is - April 4, 2009 - be there or be square.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Here we go!

To make a long story short, my fantastically wonderful boyfriend proposed to me last Wednesday. Exciting, wonderful - and in some ways horribly scary. You may ask yourself, am I scared to get married? Oh, heck no - I'm scared to plan a wedding! I've had such expectations, and there's been so much anticipation - I can't mess this one up. Problem is...I have no clue what I'm doing.

Enter, the second element of this plan. I want to be a cool kid with a blog too! Everyone and their mother seems to have one, with exciting things to share - so I want one too! Mine may not be as 'exciting' but I promise to make it entertaining!! So read on...I promise, I will keep you updated on the ongoings of the wedding planning. To start - here are some highlights of the past week.

  • My Dad has decided to invite every living relative we have to this event

  • We met with the Rabbi who warned Jeremy against getting confused and marrying my sister instead of me on the wedding day.

  • After much debate and agonizing, people feel it is not appropriate to have Punky in the wedding, though I disagree and plan to continually push this issue.

  • My mother has already put in an order for personalized chocolate monograms for the wedding ONE YEAR AWAY!

So...keep reading, I'll keep you updated on my life, the wedding planning, and maybe even a little "Punky Report" thrown in here and there.

Much Love,