Monday, May 26, 2008

And now I understand what a Bridezilla is...

Last week we had a few days off of work because the company I work for was moving its corporate headquarters. While some took this this time to visit our tenants, or do other work related things, I chose to look for wedding dresses. A wise decision in my opinion. I chose to visit one of the larger bridal shops in town. I had heard that this place was quite crazy on the weekends, brides everywhere, grabbing dresses to try on etc... Therefore, I thought that my Friday afternoon visit would be a quiet time to go, and take a look at their offerings. WRONG! As I meekly sauntered up to the door of this so called "Shoppe", I found it was much more of a "Mart" for brides. I walked up to the hostess, yes, literally a hostess desk, put my name on the waiting list (though I had an appointment), yes, waiting list, and stood shoulder to shoulder with other brides and their friends and families as we waited to walk up the ominous 'stairway to dresses'. My name was soon called, rather, shouted by the hostess and we were escorted up to the top floor with a quick "So what do you want?" As I gave my response she wandered away and proceeded to pull her favorite dresses. Her picks, all lace, many rhinestones, lots of pouf - not exactly what I had in mind.

The second element of this trip which unnerved me were the other brides at this store. One bride, accompanied by her seven of her closest family and friends decided that shopping for dresses was also a great time for a photo shoot. Now maybe this is a cost saving measure, take photos at the shop. Then, take the groom to the tux rental place, take pictures of him in his tux. Leave, photo shop the pictures together, then run off to Vegas and get married. Now that I type that out, it doesn't sound like such a bad idea! So they took, and I am not exaggerating, about 25 pictures of this girl and her various relatives in several dresses. I attempted to shop amongst the photo-obsessed bride and every living relative she had; as well as another bride, who arrived to look for dresses just a month before the wedding (she was engaged over a year ago, but didn't know it was something she should have done earlier - clearly she has been living under a rock). However, as the dresses brought to me by the sales woman got uglier, my patience decreased. I found myself frustrated and awash in the crazy ongoings of the day....This was not the place for me. However, I am very happy that photo-bride now has 87 pictures with me looking pissed off in the background, and dumb-bride may or may not be wearing white sweat pants and a white sweatshirt to her wedding due to her unfortunate timing.

On the punky report: Jeremy is currently rocking her back and forth on the floor while brushing her, and singing "Your daddy loves you more than your mommy, your daddy loves you more than your mommy" -- to the tune of row-row-row your boat.

Much love!

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