Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Don't tell me what I like!

This weekend I went dress shopping again, this time I went to Macy's bridal salon with my mom, aunt and cousin Jen. We walk in, wait a bit and are escorted to a very large dressing room. No wedding gowns in sight. We sit down, a little unsure of what we are supposed to do in this large room. A woman enters, asks me what I likes and proceeds to bring me just the opposite. Beads, lace, one even had TWO giant flowers on the butt. Okay lady, what part of simple and elegant do you not understand!?!? So Macy's was a no-go. People, if I want to look at dresses, then I want to LOOK at them, not have you bring me what you think I might like - chance are - you will be wrong.

Beyond that, we booked a band. The RFactor. Hope you like them! And if you don't, lie and say that you do, okay?! We think we may have secured a "Blizzard Man" to come and make blizzards at the wedding (again, my mom is quite concerned about the desert aspect of the wedding). I think that's about all for now, here's a new twist. A friend just got engaged and has started asking US for advice! Yea right, like we have advice to give. We have no clue what we're doing! Guess it goes to show that nobody really does.

Punky is doing well and staying on the straight and narrow. That's all we can ask at this tenuous point in her life. She just needs to keep her paws to herself and I think we can make it through this rough patch of promiscuity!

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Robyn said...

It's a good thing we have more places to go on Friday. I am SO excited to help you. No huge ass bows, no lace, no beads, no crap... got it. So you wanted long sleeves and a turtleneck right... :)