Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dress, Band, STD oh my


I started looking for dresses! (this will appeal to the girls, guys, you can skip to the next paragraph!) Found a dress on my first try that I am in love with but it is quite pricey. I am going to keep looking and see what I find. But seriously, this dress is amazing (minus the giant clips they had to use to hold it on to me..sample dresses are a bit large). The store was amazing, the sales woman, was 0 pressure, it was great. The first time out I just went with my mom, nobody else. I think that was a good decision. I think I would have been quite overwhelmed with a whole gaggle of people when I had no clue what I was doing. This weekend we're going again, this time my cousin Jen and my Auntie are coming with me. Should be fun!

Band...after my little faux pas last week, I decided to email the guy back instead of calling him. We are between two bands, the RFactor, and the Sevilles - let me know if anyone has seen either and has an opinion one way or the other. I made Bongers listen to both of them online ad nauseam last night!

Last, for the ever promised Punky Report.... Today we arrived at Petsmart for daycare with a very active Punky. They did their routine morning exam and found another STD! My dog is a hooch! She has the papilloma again! So, she's at the vet for the day. Seriously, just my luck to get the hoochey dog. I think punky and I need to have some difficult conversations about safety tonight.

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Jo said...

I had no idea that dogs could spread STD's! what the heck! You're dog might need a chastity belt! :)