Thursday, May 15, 2008

Guess we're gettin' hitched!

We signed our lives away! We are officially the very first wedding at the new Westin Galleria in Edina! And the best part of the whole thing? The event planner through the Westin will now be the person who deals with the crazy band guy...oh, that reminds me, I think you all need an update on crazy band guy.

Crazy band guy (the band's agent who emailed me 7 times within 10 minutes, whom I accidentally sent a nasty email to, the man who never stops calling me):
* Had me PAGED at work twice on Wednesday
* Called me three times within 10 minutes without leaving a message though I clearly told him I would be in a meeting
* Informed me that he "knows that I own Welsh Companies" (when you look at a totem pole, and you see that sad little guy at the bottom, I'm somewhere under him on the Welsh Companies pole)

Needless to say, the man's a bit crazy. However, we have heard the band is great, and really want to go with them, therefore my excitement over the Westin lady taking control.

Not much else is new, the dog is fine for now. Though we have had several discussions about her inappropriate behavior at day care, which has lead her down a difficult road. I hope this isn't the start a pattern of promiscuity for her. It could be a rough road through her teenage years if that proves to be true. Oh Punky. What are we going to do with you!? Oh, and on that note, the Westin Lady suggested that Jer has his groom's cake made into the shape of the dog if we want to incorporate her in the wedding. Hmm...maybe its just me but people might think we've totally lost it. Okay, fair enough, they know we already have.

Bye for now! Much love to everyone!

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Unknown said...

sounds awesome on the location!

what is a groom's cake?