Thursday, May 1, 2008

Here we go!

To make a long story short, my fantastically wonderful boyfriend proposed to me last Wednesday. Exciting, wonderful - and in some ways horribly scary. You may ask yourself, am I scared to get married? Oh, heck no - I'm scared to plan a wedding! I've had such expectations, and there's been so much anticipation - I can't mess this one up. Problem is...I have no clue what I'm doing.

Enter, the second element of this plan. I want to be a cool kid with a blog too! Everyone and their mother seems to have one, with exciting things to share - so I want one too! Mine may not be as 'exciting' but I promise to make it entertaining!! So read on...I promise, I will keep you updated on the ongoings of the wedding planning. To start - here are some highlights of the past week.

  • My Dad has decided to invite every living relative we have to this event

  • We met with the Rabbi who warned Jeremy against getting confused and marrying my sister instead of me on the wedding day.

  • After much debate and agonizing, people feel it is not appropriate to have Punky in the wedding, though I disagree and plan to continually push this issue.

  • My mother has already put in an order for personalized chocolate monograms for the wedding ONE YEAR AWAY!

So...keep reading, I'll keep you updated on my life, the wedding planning, and maybe even a little "Punky Report" thrown in here and there.

Much Love,


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Robyn said...

I already love Jer like a brother but just so you know I will not marry him by mistake!!