Friday, May 9, 2008

Pow Wow time

So I'm going to share a lesson I have learned in the last few weeks of planning: Sometimes the best thing you can do is to sit down, re-group, strategize, and as we call it in property management "Re-forecast". Look at where you are, budget-wise, guest-list wise, mental sanity-wise... (you see a pattern of me making up words!?).

Last night Jeremy and I sat down with my parents, laid everything out and just took a look at where we were at in all of those categories. It not only made me feel better to know we were all on the same page, but it was helpful to get input from others and reconnect.

My uber organized father created an action plan, and tasks for everyone, my detail focused but big picture inept mother continued to ask questions regarding the desert table, and what we wanted to serve, as well as schedule times to look for dresses, Jeremy did what he does best - which is crowd control, and tried to bring everyone back to the point, and I meandered, which is what I do. All in all, a very productive meeting. This is what we have so far
* Location - Westin Edina
* Band (ohh funny story on this one! So I emailed this guy with a band we were interested in to see if they were available. He sent me SEVEN response emails full of information. So I tried forwarding one of them on to Jeremy with the text, "What the F***, does this band guy need to send me 7 emails?!" Well I found out a few hours later that I had not forwarded it to Jeremy, but rather hit reply and sent it back to the band guy. I found this out when band guy called me back, wearily apologizing for his SEVEN emails. I'm a tool)
* Working on a photographer
* Working on a photo booth
* My mom is busy obsessing over the dessert table

That's about all for now. I promise Stacy, I'll post the hunchback vs. mannequin photos later this evening!

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Sara said...

Well, at least the guy didn't email you the apology..
And big hurray for the photobooth.. those are super cool and I think I have numbers for two places in the cities.. let me know if you need help!