Saturday, May 3, 2008

Thank goodness for Jesus!

Today found Jeremy and I wandering around Minneapolis and its neighboring suburbs in search of a wedding locale. After contacting numerous venues, I found that they have strange hours of operation. Please tell me what wedding couple is available at 2:30 Wednesday afternoon to tour their site?!? Not these ones! So, we made a few appointments, and tried to just crash other weddings and set-ups to see if we like them. These are our observations, should you care to read on...
  • Whose da hoe? Mintahoe. (that's the catering company for several locations). We visited Nicollet Island Pavilion with a woman from this company. I am fairly certain she had memorized the tour off of note cards which she was reading word for word in her head. Did we like it there? No. Ugly chairs, no view in April. I hate forest green, and everything there was forest green. So that's a no.
  • International Market Square - must we take an entire tour of a location when you know our wedding date only to inform us after the tour that it is booked?!?
  • Metropolitan - we wandered in as they were setting up for an event this evening. Here...we found Jesus. A man helping to set up for the wedding who was FANTASTIC. He was just your average guy, who knew everything about the place and had tons of great information and insights with out the B.S. I had serious reservations about this location, but after meeting Jesus - and walking through's a real possibility.
  • Carlson Towers - got there too late - someone else decided to have an event there tonight which was just so inconvenient for randoms like us who wanted to wander through.
  • Westin Edina - also closed, too late. We'll find out more info later.

So that's about it for today, but suggestion to event location sales people out there....CALM THE HECK DOWN. Wow, they were a little much for me to handle! Onward, and upwards, we continue - looking for more locations, and continuing this epic journey.

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Sara said...

I'm so glad you found Jesus!