Tuesday, June 17, 2008

And on to the next two....

The third photographer was fairly uneventful. Decent, nothing special, located in a very creepy building that smelled like old ladies - but whatever. We were in, realized it wasn't for us, and were out pretty darn quick.

We were fairly certain we wanted to go with the final photographer, before our meeting. He seemed to be all that we were looking for on paper - but I had some hesitations. I was a little concerned by the outdated photos on his website, but we met with him none the less. My concerns were validated as I found that work was also not quite what we had in mind. Nope, after this fourth meeting it was clear, we had chosen our guy.

Surfer dude it is. I am certain that my entire family will be smiling as they will be laughing at his perplexing demeanor. He is hilarious and crazy, and well - I like people with those characteristics. Andrew it is, he's our photography man.

On a Punky note...today she had to try a new daycare facility as I have just started a new job. This is very concerning to her over protective mother. Yes, today, like every other time I have had to leave her at a new place, I cried. Yup, standing in a new dog day care facility, I'm tearing up. Yep, I know, I'm a little attached.

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