Thursday, June 12, 2008

And so we move on to photographers...

And this is a fun task! Interviewing photographers... We decided to look far and wide for creative, artistic photographers who could provide us with a more unique photographic view of the wedding. And unique we found. The first photographer was wonderful, very sweet, calming, had very nice work. We were impressed. We thought she was a winner, but knew we should keep looking for the sake of comparison. As we continued to ponder our meeting with her we started thinking, she was sweet, maybe a bit TOO sweet. My family members are a bit challenging. One hates having her picture taken, another only allows them from a certain angle, some don't talk to each other, and others do talk to each other but wish they didn't. We were not sure that the oh-so-sweet photographer could wrangle the family in a diplomatic and yet productive manner.

On to photographer number two, Andrew. He seemed like quite a character, from the start every other word out of his mouth was either "dude" or "amazing". However, we had seen his website, and his work was outstanding, so we wanted to meet with him. We walked into his very cool studio and found him sitting behind an actual full bar. We hear from behind the bar: "Heeeyyyy guys! Come on over, have a drink!" Jeremy refused, but not this girl, it had been one long day, and I welcomed Andrew's peace offering. All sat down together across this bar, in the middle of a photography studio and attempted to talk photography, but mostly he kept discussing our energy, and travel, and "the great vibe he was getting from us". I was entertained, and wanted more. I wasn't quite sure I understood this character, but I certainly was amused. And, more importantly, his photographs blew us out of the water. This one, I was certain, would have no problem wrangling my family. He was a character with just enough attitude to get the job done. I liked him, but still, we felt we should soldier on to ensure we made the most educated decision.

Stay tuned....more to come!

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