Tuesday, June 3, 2008

And then I found it...

The dress. My last stop was at a great little store in St. Paul. This store was located in renovated, early 1900's house. It was a quaint and attractive location, but also very practical. Dressing rooms were made out of bedrooms, and the gown area, made out of the living room. One of my biggest pet peeves from wedding shops had been the dressing rooms. You enter these average sized dressing rooms with approximately 4-7 enormous gowns, 2-3 relatives, and 1 overbearing sales person. Lets just say, it resembled my grandmother's freezer (which my grandpa swears you take your life in your own hands if you open). These rooms were large, spacious and I could breathe. Ping - one point in this store's court!

I tried on about 5 dresses. Each was beautiful, and actually most fit fairly well. I found one designer whose dresses fit me particularly well. The shop owner informed me that the dresses were made to fit a more petite size, maybe that's the polite way of saying - "Kara, you are miniature, you need to find a dress for miniature people". Anyway, they fit me well, and in a way which I thought others could not match. And then...my mom spotted it. The dress that encompassed everything I was looking for. (Because I know Jeremy is reading this, I will not divulge any further information, but it is fantastic!) And, it fit! That may not seem like much, but sample dresses are typically very large, and fairly gross. These ones however, were much smaller, clean and beautiful.

This is when I realized I was truly my mother's daughter. I started bargaining with the woman. I offered to buy the sample dress for them in return for a significant discount. They obliged! After we got down to a price I was comfortable with, it was mine! Well almost mine, it is currently being housed in the store in their "temperature and humidity controlled storage space". Who knew a dress was like wine. I like them even more now.

On to the Punky report....she is headed to the Pet Hotel this weekend while Jeremy and I travel to Cornell for his 5 year college reunion. You know what happens when kids are left alone and parents are away. Lets just hope our hooch of a dog can keep her paws to herself for the weekend!

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