Thursday, June 26, 2008

So tonight's the big night...

Okay, so not THE big night, but a big one. A night where I have to manage to hide the pimples, make the hair look manageable, and wrangle the dog to make her look sweet and innocent, which is just a big fat lie. Tonight, we have 'engagement pictures'. And no, I have yet to find a purpose for these photos. So if you want one, speak now, because I certainly cannot think of what we are going to do with them. Next time you come to our condo, our second bathroom may be wallpapered with photos of us romping in a park, throwing leaves in the air, and smelling the perfectly placed flowers. All such natural poses. Okay, now I will stop being cynical for a moment and share why we chose to do engagement photos. I have two reasons. #1. If they are terrible, and I hate this guy's style - its not too late to get out and find someone else. #2. We can look at the types of shots, and tell him which ones we like and don't like, which will allow him to figure out what we want for the actual wedding. Look at me, all of a sudden I am such a wise bride-to-be. Not.

I'll post the pictures if I can. Mostly I'm hoping they will be photos of the dog, that's really all I want! Let's hope she doesn't have any poopy-eating incidents at daycare today or I will have to give her an emergency bath before our photo shoot.

More soon!

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