Tuesday, July 22, 2008


You got it - it's official....WE HAVE DAIRY QUEEN. Now if you know Jeremy, you know he does not make too many requests. He is very easy to please, happy with most everything. For our wedding, he said (perhaps jokingly) that he wanted Dairy Queen Blizzards for dessert. Well when someone doesn't ask for much, the least I could do was oblige when he does! So...after begging, and pleading, calling, and researching we have figured it out! We will have a Dairy Queen Blizzard Man at the wedding! So I've spilled the great secret, but you won't know the flavors. You have to show up to find out!

This may be the most exciting development so far. However, again, in an effort to thank and give credit, it all goes to my mom. My mom with the insane sweet tooth, who did all of the calling, researching, begging and pleading. My wonderful mother who will do most anything in the world for her two favorite things, Chocolate and Ice Cream. (Ha, and you thought I was going to say my sister and I...no way! Chocolate and Ice Cream supersede children. And I don't blame her)

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Abby said...

This is amazing news! I knew if anyone could pull this off it would be the two of you (with a big assist from your mom)! Of course I was excited already but now I am just over the top ecstatic for your wedding! Miss you guys! Abby