Thursday, July 24, 2008


blogger website is having issues...guess that is all the pictures I can post for now. Look on facebook or wedding website for more

I really just like the pictures of the pup. Is that normal?

p.s. Jeremy and I are trying to get in on the 'cool crowd' at The Groveland (the building we live in). A few weeks ago we went to one of the community happy hours, tonight, we tackled the community pot luck - lets just say - it was great. We were invited on a tour of our friend's, the Chase's condo. We met their dog, toured their home, saw their beds (and yes, I mean beds...two double beds in their bedroom). Oh yea, we're pretty cool in the over 75 club, we may have to save up our aches and pains for the next one so we have conversation to contribute.

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