Sunday, July 20, 2008

Now here is god's gift to the wedding list

And I will give credit where credit is due, so it is with that that I thank both Ali Schoenberger (well really Nancy Schoenberger), and the fine people at google. Drum roll please....THE GOOGLE SPREADSHEET! So when you are working on a spreadsheet at work, and you can collaborate through the office with other users on the network, well this is the same idea for non office users. We created our wedding list on google documents, I added the necessary people as 'users' and now we are all working on the same wedding list. We are not passing around 17 different versions of the same Excel spreadsheet, not looking at different versions, spelling people's names wrong - nope, we are all looking at the very same document at all times. Constantly updating it, and working together to gather the information. It is brilliant, wonderful, and the greatest gift the 21st century has given to weddings. Well maybe that and Spanx. This sucker is brilliant.

So...if you are reading this because you have not yet planned your wedding, look - maybe I have just shared a little gem of wisdom with you! I am not a complete fool about wedding planning anymore, I know all about google documents!

Hope you all have a great week.



Anonymous said...

Hey kara and Jer!!!! I love your blog, its great! I had no idea what the google spreadsheet is and thought everyone just created the spreadsheet list for weddings! I wanna get married just for that, its so organized and put together! LOVE IT!!! Remind me about it when i get engaged.

Miss you guys!

Kara Frank said...

Absolutely coop! Will do! It is seriously a brilliant invention.

Miss you too! Come visit!