Monday, July 7, 2008

Sidebar away from wedding talk

Though there have been many exciting advancements, thought I'd send out an update on my amazingly exciting life this time!

** This past weekend we spent in Chicago visiting friends, walking, shopping, and eating. Lots of eating. We tried to go to Garrett's -- which after many trips to chi-town, I somehow have missed, but the lines were down the block. And well, if you know me, you know I don't do lines. Lines are for people with patience. I am not one of those people.

We did have an amazing Dim Sum brunch at David Burke Chicago thanks to our friend Todd's suggestion. They may have stood us up in Chicago, but their dining suggestions are top notch. If you have never eaten short ribs, fried chicken, ham hock mac and cheese, shrimp, lobster lollypops, pork buns, eggs Benedict, creamed spinach, tuna tartar, ice cream sundaes, key lime pie, cheesecake (and that's not everything) for breakfast, well you are just missing out. You should probably plan a special trip. It was unbelievable. So unbelievable, I am still not hungry - 36 hours later.

**Punky has remained STD free for several months now; I consider this a major feat. We are very proud parents. She has also refrained from eating her own feces for a while now. We have the next Dougie Houser, M.D.

**Jeremy has not sung to her lately, maybe we'll have a singing spell this evening. I'm thinking something to the tune of 'you are my sunshine'.

**We played a very fun game on our trip - I highly recommend it for all of your traveling needs - its called..."count the crocks". The goal - count how many people you see wearing crocks, best place to begin - any airport across the US, but particularly Minneapolis/St. Paul.

I think that's about all for now. My words of wisdom. I know, they're like gold - cherish them. Send me comments - I have to make sure people are reading this! But heck, even if you're not - and I'm writing this to myself, I'm still okay with that. Is that odd?



Debra Fiterman said...

I am reading!!! And loving it! I want more details on ws Fogel-fest? My mouth is seriously watering reading about that blog. Why has David Burke not opened a restaurant in HONDURAS?!?! Love and miss!

Anonymous said...

So great seeing you and Jer! We had a blast and I am so glad you got to meet Rick. Come back and visit again soon--and we will make sure you get your Garrett's! :)

Jo said...

I am def. going to play "count the crocks" on my next vacation!

Robyn said...

Now I'm hungry from reading about all of the yummy food. On the plus side I can add "count the crocks" to my list of games to play next time I'm at MOA. I bet it's fun there too. Almost as fun as tourist not tourist (if they are wearing a fanny pack or matching t-shirts then they are a tourist...)