Monday, July 14, 2008


First, I have fans! People actually do read this! Big shout out to Sally for informing me this weekend that people do read my blog and enjoy it! That's fantastic! Though really, it's quite cathartic to write, as it allows me to think through the process as I go, and reflect on the enormity of my ignorance!

Friday we drove out to meet with a videographer for our wedding. It was the beginning of a torrential downpour, and we knew we were going to hire this guy, not matter what, but for some unknown reason we still braved the elements to meet him in the middle of Roseville. Nevertheless, we met with this guy, and asked him the typical questions.

Jeremy: Have you ever done a Jewish wedding?
Videographer: No
Videographer: Where will the wedding be held?
Jeremy and Kara: The new Westin in Edina.
Videographer: There's going to be a new Westin in Edina!?
Videographer: So, this is going to be an amazing video with stills and music!
Jeremy and Kara: Yea, our parents just said we have to have one - we don't really care all that much about video.

Needless to say, not the most productive meeting, but all in all, the guy is really nice, young, and creative - and I'm sure he'll do a fine job. Jeremy did inform him that there's something called a Chuppa - a canopy over us during the ceremony, and he mustn’t move it and must get video of us under it - that is pretty much the key to a Jewish ceremony. The rest, he'll figure out. Yea, we're flying by the seat of our pants on this one. Taking a leap of faith. Oh well!

We have, on many occasions discussed getting all of our wedding vendors together for drinks at our place. They are all young, fun, energetic, creative, wonderful people -- I think it could be a blast. Just a thought...but it could be entertaining!

And so...we have a videographer. Stay tuned: engagement pictures coming soon....


Unknown said...

when are you getting the engagement pics? I cannot wait to see them!

Kara Frank said...

He said two we should have them back by the 24th! I'm most excited to see the pictures of the pooch!