Monday, August 18, 2008

Idea tool...

When we first got engaged people kept asking me what our color scheme would be for the wedding. You kidding?! I don't even know where to have the event, or what I'm supposed to wear - let alone colors!!!! As time went on, and the planning continued - we settled some of the fundamental ideas, and I was then on to colors. Now I don't believe that you NEED to have a 'color scheme' so to speak, but it is nice to have a theme so that things flow together (dresses, flowers, linens, invitations etc...)

Enter: Jeremy's wonderful friend Erica. Erica clued me into a fantastic website which is updated many times per day (for those of us who occasionally like to procrastinate at work!)

It is a great site with millions of idea for color schemes, flowers, attire, do-it-yourself projects, pictures of other peoples weddings (for voyeuristic people such as myself). I love it - and I cannot recommend it enough! I have a little black book with 3 sections: Attire, reception and Pre-planning. When I find pictures or ideas I like, I print them out and put them in their appropriate section. Yes, I know that sounds crazy, but you would be surprised by how much the vendors appreciate having a bride who has some sense of what she wants. I do not mean that you should tell them what to do, allow them to be creative, but give them some guidance.

Okay, that's my tip for the day! Visit it often...even if not planning a wedding. I have taken ideas from for painting my condo!


Anonymous said...

Kara! I love your blog! I won't be planning a wedding for at least another year but I already feel more prepared for when I have to!!! I just love it.

-Kristin K.

Kara Frank said...

Thanks Kris! I like it when people make comments...then I know people are reading it!