Friday, August 1, 2008

Meeting the cantor...

So Jeremy and I are in the fortunate position to have two clergy people who are very close to us. My cousin Leigh Lerner is a rabbi, formerly in Minnesota, and now living and working in Canada. Jeremy's parents had a good friend, Steve, who is a cantor. To further complicate matters, the rabbi at my synagogue has also been my rabbi since the day I was born and I feel very close to him, and like him very much. Quite the problem to have!

This past week we met with Steve while he was in town to discuss the wedding, answer his questions, and chat a bit. I was beyond nervous for this meeting, what do you say to a cantor! I am musically ignorant! I know nothing! What if he asks me about music, or what if he gives me a clarinet and asks me to play it. There are so many unknowns running through my head. It brings me back to my band days when I was asked to please, "Hold the clarinet but do not blow into it." You see, I only knew how to play 1 scale and nothing else, and apparently it doesn't sound nice when 1 band member plays the same scale over and over again, and the rest of the band can manage to play the 3rd grade level song. Musical talent, does not run in my family.

So anyway, the meeting went fine - he asked us questions such as 'why do you want to marry each other', and 'will you each break a glass, or just Jeremy'. So we were just fine! (that is until he started recommending songs for the trio to play as we walked down the aisle, causing Jeremy to stumble to write down all these Hebrew songs!) But, it went well, and we should feel so lucky, that we will have an overabundance of clergy people at the wedding!

Have a great weekend, stay's hot out there!

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