Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So we finally saw the Westin!

As most of you know, Jeremy and I booked our wedding reception at a location, sight unseen. It was not built, not even close, we had not seen drawings, fabric samples, art, chairs, paint...NOTHING! We based our decision on location, quality of service expected, and blind trust. Well yesterday was the day...a vendor of mine from work arranged a private tour of the hotel for us before it opened. Let me say...IT IS BEAUTIFUL. It is absolutely perfect. The location is fantastic. The carpet is perfect (despite an earlier comment from one of the Westin staff members who informed me that the carpet was to be teal). No teal. I should have taken pictures, but I did not - I will take some next time and post them. It is modern, calming, the artwork is exquisite, the staff is fantastic, and I'm certain the food (the most critical element) will be up to snuff. Blind trust paid off! I am a picky person, to say the least, and I love it. You should go wander into the hotel, it officially opens tomorrow, well maybe you don't care, but if you do, and you live in town - it is just gorgeous!

Double bonus, we really like the chairs, tables, and standard linens (key!), so we likely won't need to rent additional supplies. I am not a fan of draping in general, so I am very pleased that we will not need to do this or incur the additional expense. I always think it just looks like you're trying to cover something up, which you typically are. I think the new location, with great finishes will save us some money in the linen category - without the need to cover sins.

Whose excited for the fair?!?!? Jeremy, Lindsay and I will be heading to the chocolate covered bacon stand first. mmmmm! I'm guessing Lindsay's boyfriend Todd will be sorry he missed the fair with that one. Though, knowing him, I think he would prefer gourmet cheese covered bacon rather than chocolate.

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