Monday, September 29, 2008

Rehersal dinner

So we're still looking for a fun place to have our rehearsal dinner - we want something casual, fun, easy going, and not terribly far from Edina. Anyone have any suggestions?!?!?! In all seriousness, I really think Fudrucker's would be a blast - so think along those casual lines...

Saturday will be black tie formal, we want the night before to be laid back. Any fabulous ideas? Have any of you recently purchased a restaurant and you're just itching to have a rehearsal dinner there? Do you happen to own an airline hanger so we could do it there (that would make Jeremy pretty darn happy)?

Hope you had a good weekend - we had our 'Fall Fun Day' this past weekend, and it was pretty darn fantastic. I mean seriously, we are truly blessed to live in a place where you can see goats wandering on the roof of a barn, wander through a corn maze, drink rhubarb wine, sing with a local band at a high school graduation, eat in a park full of pink bear statues, and have a beer pitcher of beer for $3.75 all in one night. Gotta love Minnesota!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Hot pants!

I think I forgot to mention that one of our therapist people, wore zubaz. Everyday. Many colors. It was quite fantastic. I'm thinking I should try bringing back that trend...

Just a thought for this Friday.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

We graduated!

So Jeremy and I have now officially completed our pre-marital counseling, or as I fondly refer to it 'training class'. I know different synagogue's (and churches) do things differently, but ours has us go to this one on one program through Jewish Family and children Services. We were supposed to have six sessions with the therapist, and then they would evaluate if we were good to go, or if we needed more time.

So, to begin, we take this online evaluation. Now it was a long time ago, but as I recall, the questions read something like this:

Section 1:
Have you lived with your natural born parents?
Have you lived with adoptive parents?
Have you lived with family that is not your parents?
Have you lived with adoptive siblings?
Have you lived with natural born siblings?

Section 2:
Whole bunch of questions about your relationship with your family

Section 3:
Questions about your problem solving skills

Section 4:
Questions about money

And so on....

Well, needless to say, at meeting #1, the therapists (we actually had 2, one trainee and one real guy) were a bit confused that Jeremy had answered yes to each of the above questions. They, then assumed he would have some significant issues, and would be emotionally scarred etc... So, we spent the next two sessions showing them that he was about the most well adjusted kid out there. That, in fact, he was likely more well adjusted that kids from more typical situations. After that was over, we moved into money management, our strengths and weaknesses (apparently I am told that I have too many shoes and they need to be put away, not all over the place).

They were very helpful sessions, but by #4 we felt like we had nothing more to discuss. The therapist guy turned to us and said, well, you two seem like you've got it together, why don't we just stop here. SO...we graduated! And early! Oh yea, we're therapy superstars.

It was a very interesting program, I highly recommend it before anyone gets married. I'm sure the group ones are good too - but I think these individual sessions can be very valuable. Now I know...clean up my shoes. I also know, that I have a right to bitch, for 5 minutes a day. It needs a time limit, and it needs to be vocalized. But I can do it, if I want to!

So we're ready to get married, we graduated from couples therapy!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I now interrupt this blog for an urgent punky report:

So I was a little distracted last week, but didn't want to write about it until I knew all was well. Punky got sick last week. Okay, so now most dog owners would shove off the doggy throw up and exhaustion as nothing, or 'well she probably ate something she shouldn't have', but
a. we are paranoid
b. Lucy.

So I'm sorry, we have a bit of a reason to be paranoid - and to make things even creepier, it was the 1 year anniversery of Lucy's death. And my puppy was sick. Needless to say, I was a wreck. She was at the doggy hospital for 2 days, she got some fluids, and was proclaimed to have the 'Dog Flu'. She has very slowly gotten better, had a few more bumps in the road, but I think she's out of the woods now. A few more days of bland food and medication and she should be fine. Seriously, I am raising a child.

On a lighter note, Stacy got married this weekend! For some reason, the whole weekend seemed very much like Father of the Bride to me. While we were setting up on Saturday I felt like Fronk, telling people what to do and running around like a chicken with my head cut off. When I said my last goodbye to Stacy just before she walked down the aisle, I looked at her and cried. And then, at 9:45pm last night, when I got her voicemail telling me she was at the airport ready to leave for her honeymoon in Europe, but just wanted to say goodbye - I felt like the final scene where the dad just misses seeing his daughter leave but the very last minute - stacy picked up her phone, and I got to say goodbye too - as did Steve Martin to his daughter. Okay, so Stacy's not my daughter, but whatever!

So here's to you Mr. and Mrs. Vossberg -- lots of love!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Drumroll please...

A little birdie (Abby) says...
Abby: update your blogg
i need to know what you chose!

So here it is! Now, this may not sound like the most exciting choices, but let me tell you, each flavor was absolutely outstanding and mind boggling, but these two were, like, knock your socks off unbelievable.

#1st and 3rd tier: Raspberry Diva: Dark Devils food misted with a Raspberry liquor and then delicate raspberry mousse, fresh raspberries and chocolate ganache.
*It is the best chocolate cake you have ever tasted, with real raspberries, and this amazing fudge with this mouse stuff too. OMG, seriously, this one might come close to 112 eatery's Tres Leche(though still not the same).

#2nd tier: Lemon Raspberry: A enticing blend of dripping lemon curd and fresh raspberries.
*Okay, now this doesn't sound amazing, but it is like the perfect mix of fresh lemon and fresh raspberry, it is so light and yummy and amazing.

so this bakery doesn't use Fondant (the waxy stuff that makes cakes look all pretty and fun...but tastes terrible). They don't use lard, shortening, food coloring or any artificial color or flavor. They use only real eggs, butter, cream, sugar. Therefore, it all tastes unbelievable - not that funny cake aftertaste, no grease, just pure and simple. However, this meant that our design choices were somewhat limited because they will only use the pure ingredients. As you can see on their website they still have some pretty creative designs however, and really - we were in it for the taste, and the quality...

Our cake looks a bit like this, but the layers are square and offset, and the squiggles are more modern rather than traditional. The first layer is white with chocolate ganache designs, the second is white with white polka dots, and the third is white with chocolate ganache again. It is going to be FANTASTIC! (I hope!) Seriously, if you live in Minnesota, you have to visit this bakery and pick something up (but call first to make sure they have stuff). It is mind blowing!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


And now, the part you have all been waiting for...CAKE!

Jeremy and I were bored this weekend, because it WOULD NOT STOP RAINING. So, he asked me if I thought we should go and see the place we intended to get our wedding cake from, look around (really, he wanted to get a cupcake). So I said, Sure, called to make sure they were open and we went over. I called my mom to let her know we were going (if you do not know my mother...picture the single most dessert obsessed woman you will ever meet...she's worse). I'm fairly certain her temperature raised about 10 degrees when I said we were going over there, and she responded: "Well maybe I should meet you guys there, just to make sure it's a nice place" Nice place, yea right...she also wanted cake!

We arrive at the shop in Minnetonka, Buttercream Bakery ( There are wedding cakes everywhere and a case full of nothing. Apparently they just make the cupcakes in small batches and don't typically stock anything to make sure everything is fresh. Luckily, they had a few left, so my mom was able to buy them out and bring some home for herself and her twin sister. As we were looking around the woman asked us if we wanted to do a tasting. Right then and there. We looked at each other, thought about it, and said, why not!? I guess we might as well go ahead and pick our cake!

Let me leave you drooling with the flavors and calories we consumed before I divulge what we choose:

Almond Praline: Buttery cakes with ground almonds and swirled with praline.

Amaretto Mousse: A very light but rich white cake and then filled with Italian Amaretto mousse.

Apple Caramel Almond: Minnesota grown tart apple chunks, ground almonds, a splash of AppleJack liquor with a swirl of caramel.

Bailey’s Chocolate: An Irishman’s dream! Bailey’s moistend dark rich devil’s food cake filled with our chocolate Irish creme mousse.

Banana Nut: Choose either chocolate or vanilla cakes with banana almond filling between each layer.

Bavarian Creme: Our version of a classic white cake but using no lard or shortening and not at all sugary.

Black Forest: Rich devils food with chopped dark cherries and a splash of cherry liquor.

Cappuccino Soufflé: Rich cream, chocolate & coffee folded in a soufflé cream between devils food cake.

Chocolate Chestnut Rum: This unique cake of dark chocolate devils food cake misted with dark rum and blended chocolate with puréed roasted chestnuts.

Chocolate Mint Chiffon: Select either vanilla or chocolate. Then we fill with a very light mint chiffon filling.

Chocolate Mousse: The same richness of the Chocolate Bailey’s Irish Cream without the liquor.

Chocolate Pistachio: Delicious chocolate cake with a distinctive Pistachio white chocolate mousse.

Chocolate Truffle: Without a doubt a chocolate lovers dream - chocolate truffle ganache between triple layers of chocolate cake.

Coconut Pineapple Creme: Light & refreshing - pineapple blended with toasted coconut.

Connecticut Carrot Cake: This moist traditional American cake is loaded with carrots, walnuts and pineapple.

Cookies & Creme: Moist dark devils food cake sandwiched with white chocolate mousse and Oreo cookie crumbs.

English Trifle: Alternating layers of sliced kiwi and strawberries or raspberries in our delicate vanilla cake.

Georgia Peach: A Southern Classic - French Vanilla white cake with chopped peaches and a hint of peach schnapps.

Grand Marnier: Delicate French sponges accented with a orange Grand Marnier mousse.

Kahlua Creme: If you love Kahlua - this is your flavor - choose either vanilla or chocolate cake.

Kiwi Creme: Without a doubt - the lightest of all cakes. Triple layers of pureed kiwi’s or inquire about sliced kiwi’s.

Lemon Raspberry: A enticing blend of dripping lemon curd and fresh raspberries.

Lemon Strawberry: A tempting combination of rich lemon curd and fresh sliced strawberries.

Lemon Sunshine: Our own tart lemon curd make this torte sparkle. Moist lemon genoise layered with lemon curd and lemon mousse.

Mandarin Orange: Best when using devils food - the flavor of chopped mandarin oranges and chocolate can’t be beat.

Marble: Not your mundane version - this dessert has alternating layers of vanilla & chocolate very pretty on the plate.

Porcelain Truffle: Same as chocolate truffle but this version has a glaze of raspberry puree.

Pumpkin Mousse: Vanilla cake with very rich pumpkin creme layers - Better than the pie.

Raspberry Diva: Dark Devils food misted with a Raspberry liquor and then delicate raspberry mousse, fresh raspberries and chocolate ganache.

Raspberry Royale: Simple elegance! Fresh seasonal berries and white chocolate mousse are layered with our triple sec soaked white cake.

Raspberry Truffle: Raspberry mousse and ganache fill the layers of this delicious torte.

Strawberry Ala Ritz: Simple elegance! Fresh seasonal berries and white chocolate mousse are layered with our ethereal triple sec soaked white cake.

Tiramisu: A little milder than the classic version, coffee and rum soaked sponges with cocoa.

Tempting Turtle: Dark rich, moist devils food cake layered with creamy hot fudge, lots of toasted pecans and thick caramel.

OHHHH, THE PRESSURE! THE SUSPENSE! You'll have to wait until tomorrow to hear what we picked!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Debra has made a request....

And because I love her so much. And because I miss her like crazy. I will oblige. The dress has been changed. This is the new one.
Debra, you have always been a trendsetter. I'm so happy you're bringing the South American neon trends to our wedding!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Can you paint?

If anyone reading this knows how to paint...speak now. We need a ketubah. And we want a unique one, and even have a great idea and know exactly what we want. We just need someone to follow through. So, if you can paint, and I mean more than finger painting on your parents walls, and less than Monet. Please inquire. Will pay. Will preform favors. Will work for ketubah.

Otherwise, it leaves us with no other choice but for Jeremy and I to make our own. And, if you know us, even in the slightest, you know this is a very, very bad idea.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

And here's a question...

How is a bridesmaid's dress the only cheaply made, over-priced frock that takes 4-6 months to order??!?!?! Craziness!

So there's my tip of the day: Find your bridesmaid's dresses earlier than you think you need. They take for-freaken EVER to come in.

On to the Punky report: How is my dog the only one who manages to have an instant boyfriend wherever she goes? And it's always the male dogs. My little hooch has now latched on to another dog at the new day care. There was waffles, then Bruiser, Jeeter and now Wally. Dang, this Shih-Shon sure gets around! Now lets hope she keeps her paws to herself.

Monday, September 8, 2008


So as I'm assuming you can guess...we went with florist #1 and figured we shouldn't try to break what is not broken. No need to continue meeting with others, lets go for it. I guess we'll all find out if they're as great as they appear....

On to Bridesmaid's dresses....after some consideration, hemming and hawing, testing and re-testing, I have come upon a bridesmaid's dress! It is short, chocolate brown, has a ribbon (which I am not sure if we will use or not). It is quite simple, flattering and hopefully the girls will not hate it. I could have stuck a giant pink bow on their behinds - so they should be grateful. No feathers, no flashing lights, no bows. Here it is...

And that's my story for the day! I have a bridesmaid's dress. Woooo hooooo.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

And on to florist #2

As we move along our quest for wedding reception bliss, we check out florist #2. We had a personal recommendation for this one, and thought, hey, we were so blown away but #1 - maybe #2 will be even better!

Let me set the stage. Florist #1. Located in our favorite part of town, the warehouse district, adjacent to our favorite quaint coffee shop, which we fondly call the Moose.

Florist #2. Located in a warehouse district of sorts, in Saint Louis Park! Among trailer homes and broken down cars, and a vacant Bakers Square. We circle and circle, trying to find the door, only to realize, of course, it is unmarked. We enter, expecting to find an artsy warehouse filled with flowers, ribbon, and photos of flowers. We find an old warehouse, wreaking of cat urine, with photos of a certain Christan icon on the walls. We are then greeted by a cat. Jeremy does not like cats. We meet the florist who invites us to sit down on the cat urine stained couch, with the cat sprawled out over the photos. Now I like cats, but this was a little More than I could handle.

We explain that we have very modern taste and are looking for seasonal flowers with an edge. Nothing froufrou, nothing poufey - think crisp, clean, modern. She retorts with what she believes would be the perfect bouquet for me. Pink Roses with lots of greenery, baby's breath, and brown berries of some sort. Clearly we were not speaking the same language.

This conversation continues for about an hour and a half, until I decide to tell them that my pregnant sister-in-law just texted me and said she desperately needed my help (thank you Emily for being my pawn!). We departed, she wished us well and said she looked forward to working on our wedding. Hours later, I emailed her, thanking her for her time, and letting her know that we would be moving in a different direction and would not need her assistance. Lovely lady, just not quite what we had in mind.

And in the end I learned, from a practical standpoint...their prices were THE SAME!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

And now on to florists....

The first in a 3 part series. Jeremy and I interview florists.

#1. Bastian Skoog.

Our greatest wedding planning lesson has been to ask your vendors for other vendor recommendations. They have been to a million weddings, they know who is good, who is bad, and who is terrible. They also know the great vendors, that don't advertise, don't need to advertise and do not overcharge you. So far, this wisdom has taken us quite far. After we found our photographer through a vendor recommendation, we moved onto florists, and asked him for a recommendation. He raved about this company and so, we thought we'd give them a call. I have to admit, about 90% of the reason we called them was because we thought their business card was pretty darn cool.

We set up a meeting and went down to their studio to meet them. We should have known this would be a good match as their studio is across from our very favorite brunch spot: Moose and Sadies. We went into their funky loft studio and fell in love. They were amazing, I felt like I was sitting on my best friend's sofa and chatting over coffee. We had a great time and fell IN LOVE with their work.

However, these were the first people we met, and knew that we should probably, for the sake of competitiveness, interview others as well...

As you wait on this cliff hanger, I need to do a bit of free advertising for these people, because their work is truly amazing - visit their website while you await the next post...