Tuesday, September 2, 2008

And now on to florists....

The first in a 3 part series. Jeremy and I interview florists.

#1. Bastian Skoog.

Our greatest wedding planning lesson has been to ask your vendors for other vendor recommendations. They have been to a million weddings, they know who is good, who is bad, and who is terrible. They also know the great vendors, that don't advertise, don't need to advertise and do not overcharge you. So far, this wisdom has taken us quite far. After we found our photographer through a vendor recommendation, we moved onto florists, and asked him for a recommendation. He raved about this company and so, we thought we'd give them a call. I have to admit, about 90% of the reason we called them was because we thought their business card was pretty darn cool.

We set up a meeting and went down to their studio to meet them. We should have known this would be a good match as their studio is across from our very favorite brunch spot: Moose and Sadies. We went into their funky loft studio and fell in love. They were amazing, I felt like I was sitting on my best friend's sofa and chatting over coffee. We had a great time and fell IN LOVE with their work.

However, these were the first people we met, and knew that we should probably, for the sake of competitiveness, interview others as well...

As you wait on this cliff hanger, I need to do a bit of free advertising for these people, because their work is truly amazing - visit their website while you await the next post...


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