Tuesday, September 16, 2008


And now, the part you have all been waiting for...CAKE!

Jeremy and I were bored this weekend, because it WOULD NOT STOP RAINING. So, he asked me if I thought we should go and see the place we intended to get our wedding cake from, look around (really, he wanted to get a cupcake). So I said, Sure, called to make sure they were open and we went over. I called my mom to let her know we were going (if you do not know my mother...picture the single most dessert obsessed woman you will ever meet...she's worse). I'm fairly certain her temperature raised about 10 degrees when I said we were going over there, and she responded: "Well maybe I should meet you guys there, just to make sure it's a nice place" Nice place, yea right...she also wanted cake!

We arrive at the shop in Minnetonka, Buttercream Bakery (www.buttercream.info). There are wedding cakes everywhere and a case full of nothing. Apparently they just make the cupcakes in small batches and don't typically stock anything to make sure everything is fresh. Luckily, they had a few left, so my mom was able to buy them out and bring some home for herself and her twin sister. As we were looking around the woman asked us if we wanted to do a tasting. Right then and there. We looked at each other, thought about it, and said, why not!? I guess we might as well go ahead and pick our cake!

Let me leave you drooling with the flavors and calories we consumed before I divulge what we choose:

Almond Praline: Buttery cakes with ground almonds and swirled with praline.

Amaretto Mousse: A very light but rich white cake and then filled with Italian Amaretto mousse.

Apple Caramel Almond: Minnesota grown tart apple chunks, ground almonds, a splash of AppleJack liquor with a swirl of caramel.

Bailey’s Chocolate: An Irishman’s dream! Bailey’s moistend dark rich devil’s food cake filled with our chocolate Irish creme mousse.

Banana Nut: Choose either chocolate or vanilla cakes with banana almond filling between each layer.

Bavarian Creme: Our version of a classic white cake but using no lard or shortening and not at all sugary.

Black Forest: Rich devils food with chopped dark cherries and a splash of cherry liquor.

Cappuccino Soufflé: Rich cream, chocolate & coffee folded in a soufflé cream between devils food cake.

Chocolate Chestnut Rum: This unique cake of dark chocolate devils food cake misted with dark rum and blended chocolate with puréed roasted chestnuts.

Chocolate Mint Chiffon: Select either vanilla or chocolate. Then we fill with a very light mint chiffon filling.

Chocolate Mousse: The same richness of the Chocolate Bailey’s Irish Cream without the liquor.

Chocolate Pistachio: Delicious chocolate cake with a distinctive Pistachio white chocolate mousse.

Chocolate Truffle: Without a doubt a chocolate lovers dream - chocolate truffle ganache between triple layers of chocolate cake.

Coconut Pineapple Creme: Light & refreshing - pineapple blended with toasted coconut.

Connecticut Carrot Cake: This moist traditional American cake is loaded with carrots, walnuts and pineapple.

Cookies & Creme: Moist dark devils food cake sandwiched with white chocolate mousse and Oreo cookie crumbs.

English Trifle: Alternating layers of sliced kiwi and strawberries or raspberries in our delicate vanilla cake.

Georgia Peach: A Southern Classic - French Vanilla white cake with chopped peaches and a hint of peach schnapps.

Grand Marnier: Delicate French sponges accented with a orange Grand Marnier mousse.

Kahlua Creme: If you love Kahlua - this is your flavor - choose either vanilla or chocolate cake.

Kiwi Creme: Without a doubt - the lightest of all cakes. Triple layers of pureed kiwi’s or inquire about sliced kiwi’s.

Lemon Raspberry: A enticing blend of dripping lemon curd and fresh raspberries.

Lemon Strawberry: A tempting combination of rich lemon curd and fresh sliced strawberries.

Lemon Sunshine: Our own tart lemon curd make this torte sparkle. Moist lemon genoise layered with lemon curd and lemon mousse.

Mandarin Orange: Best when using devils food - the flavor of chopped mandarin oranges and chocolate can’t be beat.

Marble: Not your mundane version - this dessert has alternating layers of vanilla & chocolate very pretty on the plate.

Porcelain Truffle: Same as chocolate truffle but this version has a glaze of raspberry puree.

Pumpkin Mousse: Vanilla cake with very rich pumpkin creme layers - Better than the pie.

Raspberry Diva: Dark Devils food misted with a Raspberry liquor and then delicate raspberry mousse, fresh raspberries and chocolate ganache.

Raspberry Royale: Simple elegance! Fresh seasonal berries and white chocolate mousse are layered with our triple sec soaked white cake.

Raspberry Truffle: Raspberry mousse and ganache fill the layers of this delicious torte.

Strawberry Ala Ritz: Simple elegance! Fresh seasonal berries and white chocolate mousse are layered with our ethereal triple sec soaked white cake.

Tiramisu: A little milder than the classic version, coffee and rum soaked sponges with cocoa.

Tempting Turtle: Dark rich, moist devils food cake layered with creamy hot fudge, lots of toasted pecans and thick caramel.

OHHHH, THE PRESSURE! THE SUSPENSE! You'll have to wait until tomorrow to hear what we picked!


Kara Frank said...

I think I need to post my dear sara's email response to this blog post...

Title: Betrayal...

Kara.. How could you do this to me. I can't believe you could be so thoughtless. How could you go and try so many delicious kinds of cake, and not think to invite me. What's even worse, you brag about it on your blog.. you rub it in my face. I don't know if I can ever forgive you.....


Robyn said...

You forgot to mention that dad has decided that his new "hobby" is going to go around tasting cakes each weekend. He said he would just tell them that he's planing a wedding and would get to eat free cake. I pointed out that you would gain a ton of weight and his answer was yes but what a way to go.