Thursday, September 11, 2008

Debra has made a request....

And because I love her so much. And because I miss her like crazy. I will oblige. The dress has been changed. This is the new one.
Debra, you have always been a trendsetter. I'm so happy you're bringing the South American neon trends to our wedding!


Robyn said...

Sorry Debra and Kara but I'm putting my size 10 foot down.. NO!! :)

The really sad part is that I wore a dress for my Bat Mitzvah that was that same color.

Kara Frank said...

not only the same color - but it might have been the same dress. AND - she had bright red plastic glasses too. It was bad!

Debra Fiterman said...

Dear Team Bridesmaid--

You clearly have not been keeping up with the latest Peruvian trends. I'm telling you were WAY ahead of your time.

I think I can now be put in charge of any and all fashion decisions. Kara--I found a lovely indigenous gown and veil for you made purely from alpaca will look stunning.


Robyn said...

Debra that dress for Kara sounds perfect. As long as it's her size she shouldn't break out in hives.