Monday, September 29, 2008

Rehersal dinner

So we're still looking for a fun place to have our rehearsal dinner - we want something casual, fun, easy going, and not terribly far from Edina. Anyone have any suggestions?!?!?! In all seriousness, I really think Fudrucker's would be a blast - so think along those casual lines...

Saturday will be black tie formal, we want the night before to be laid back. Any fabulous ideas? Have any of you recently purchased a restaurant and you're just itching to have a rehearsal dinner there? Do you happen to own an airline hanger so we could do it there (that would make Jeremy pretty darn happy)?

Hope you had a good weekend - we had our 'Fall Fun Day' this past weekend, and it was pretty darn fantastic. I mean seriously, we are truly blessed to live in a place where you can see goats wandering on the roof of a barn, wander through a corn maze, drink rhubarb wine, sing with a local band at a high school graduation, eat in a park full of pink bear statues, and have a beer pitcher of beer for $3.75 all in one night. Gotta love Minnesota!

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Jo said...

Maybe you've thought of these places but here are few ideas:

Qcumbers, Macaroni Grill, Eden Avenue Grill, Mainstreet Bar & Grill (hopkins), Famous Daves,Scoreboard and Davanni's

I'll keep brainstorming and let you know if anything else comes to mind. :)