Friday, October 31, 2008


So I think we've decided that Punky cannot be included in the wedding. Even though she is the world's cutest dog, and our love child, we don't think its going to work. But, please induge me for a moment and look at this picture of her in her Halloween costume!

She's a hot dog. And a darn cute one.

And better yet, if she cannot be invited to the wedding, she, at the very least, needs this shirt:
"Doggie of the Bride Vintage Tee"

She needs one. It's critical. Bridesmaids...get to work. :-)

Tomorrow we venture to Shirlee Clein to look for invitations....WOO HOOO! I'll keep you posted on what we find. Jeremy thinks we should just do an evite, I say, why not!? Guess that doesn't fly with my Grandparent's friends though.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Photos of the AssBerger - SchoenAss wedding

Some pictures from Josh Berdass and Ali Schoenberger's wedding. My personal favorite...the 'Targets' at the rehersal dinner, reminiscent of their mutual love of Target, which was also the place they got engaged.

Friday, October 24, 2008

My wonderful Ali...

So here's my ode to Ali, Always the bridesmaid (9 times) and finally the bride!

This Sunday, my wonderful friend Ali Schoenberger, will be getting married...I think this one is a lateral last name move, to Josh Berdass. Now Ali and josh 're-met' one evening while Jeremy, Ali and I were out was fate that Jeremy and I harassed Ali with about a million text messages to 'go for it' with Josh. And from that day, there was really no question in anyone's minds they would be married. However, we did not realize that this would be, as Debra has dubbed it, "The Superbowl of Weddings" with over 500 guests! To their credit, most are directly blood related. And what a wonderful problem to have.

So here's to Ali and Josh, love you like a sister and brother, I feel like we lived our dating relationships together. Okay, I don't feel like we did...we really did. Ali started getting anxious about getting engaged, so did I, we talked about moving in together, they went ahead and did it - and we followed! I'm sure it will prove to be a wonderful wedding (though aren't they all really)..I will follow up with pictures, just as I did for Stacy's. My apologies for not posting pictures of Justin and Laila's or Jaclyn and Jacob's weddings...I know, pictures make this more exciting.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I know, you could hardly handle the suspense (or maybe that was just Debra). But here it is...thanks to my wonderful friend Melissa! Our monogram!

So call me Lily Pulitzer, but I love it! And may have it tattooed on my arm. Or not. But I really, really like it. But it's a surprise where it will show up! Not that anything is really much of a surprise anymore...but oh well. I hate surprises!

Monday, October 20, 2008

We're kindof a big deal

So in case you missed both the morning and evening WCCO news....Robyn and I are famous. Well maybe just Robyn. We went to a wedding dress sample sale this past weekend to take a look at options for her, and lo and behold, she found a dress. Its beautiful and perfect! While we were waiting to pay I spotted a newscaster and told him that my sister really wanted to be on TV (in reality, I really wanted to be on TV). So he obliged and interviewed her about the experience. I was certain the piece would be cut, after all, we are in the midst of an economic meltdown, weeks away from what will likely be the most important election of our lifetimes and encountering two wars - really, are they going to put our clip about a wedding dress sample sale on the news?! Oh yea, they did. Clearly this was newsworthy. Clearly. But it was shot from a very bad angle, my nose looked large and in charge. I was not pleased.

So we found a dress for Robyn, and, as my mom all evens out. I went to every single store in town, spent hours trying on hundreds of dresses, found one that I loved and cost a pretty penny (though I did negotiate a deal on it). Robyn, went to a sample sale on a Saturday morning and walked away with her dress.

Have I mentioned that my sister and I are complete opposites?! Have I also mentioned that my nose looked HUGE on TV? Seriously, huge. It was not a good nose angle.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Guest Bags....

I am trying to think of some fun and unique (and possibly Jeremy and Kara related) items to put in the out of town guest bags in their hotel rooms. So far I've come up with Marshmellows (my favorite food), and Reeces (Jeremy's favorite food) - and, well, that's just not going to quite cut it. I picture myself, getting off a plane, its Friday night - 10:00pm. I ate dinner at 5:00 pm, I arrive in this hotel room, for this wedding. As usual, I'm hungry. And crabby. And I don't want marshmellows. Help me guys!

Any fun/creative ideas? Anything other than food? Suggesstions!

p.s. what else should I be doing right now as far as planning? I keep thinking someone is going to just let me know what I should be doing to make sure it is all done, and that has not happened yet.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

And it looks something like this...

Special thanks to Andrew for finding this lovely video of a Dog we think might be Punky. Seriously, I think someone came into my house and took a video of my dog doing her thing.

The Registry....

We're getting closer...the wedding is 6 months from this past Saturday! Wooo hoo! I am really excited!

So Jeremy and I made the trip back to Crate and Barrel to do our real registry this time (no more fudge sauce Jer...). We were fairly successful, though once again, I got a bit overwhelmed. The whole process is a little strange. However, we found what we needed - and I have to say - I am pretty darn excited to have silverware that is not a 3rd hand-me-down and knives that are not a $4.99 linens and things special. Who knew knives could be so exciting!

I think that's about all we've got going on. I do have a strange Punky report. Well, our dog has entered a new stage of her live. Sexual maturity I guess. I may or may not have mentioned this before but she has a very special item in her life. It is a stuffed monkey. It was one of my favorite stuffed animals which I gave to her, so she would have a toy in her kennel. Well, she has now shown this monkey things, no monkey should see. Lets just say she enjoys mounting him and going at it. And not just occasionally, I mean, ALL THE TIME. I tried taking the monkey away yesterday and she screamed and wailed like she was being attacked. Literally, kicking and screaming until I gave the monkey back! What are we supposed to do!? Our hooch of a dog has is now workin' the streets! Seriously, it is bad - it's to the point where we should not have people over to our house for fear of her, uh, 'habits'.

Again, only my dog!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


So this is where my Blake peppiness rears it's ugly, or not so ugly head: I love monograms. Like in a slightly inappropriate way. If it was acceptable, I would only wear clothing emblazoned with "Kara" or better yet, "KLW". Why? I don't know. Again, I hearken back to my preppy roots and relate it to: 'The Blake School (once more we greet thee. Standing firm and sure.....looking bravely to the future may thy flame endure....sing to Highcroft, Blake and Northrop)

So anyways, much to Jeremy's chagrin, I have to bring a bit of monogram style to the wedding. However, I wasn't quite sure how to make one myself. Enter: my fantastic friend Melissa! She is amazing, in a lot of ways, but to mention one, her graphic creativity is unparalleled. Mel came up with a variety of monogram options for me to use (you will have to wait until the big day to see how!) I have included her handiwork above. She's fantastic - really really talented! And...I get to include not just any old monogram, but a truly outstanding one for my wedding day!

Now I'm starting to think I should have brought the monogram issue up with the therapist people...hmmmm, maybe it's an issue.