Friday, October 24, 2008

My wonderful Ali...

So here's my ode to Ali, Always the bridesmaid (9 times) and finally the bride!

This Sunday, my wonderful friend Ali Schoenberger, will be getting married...I think this one is a lateral last name move, to Josh Berdass. Now Ali and josh 're-met' one evening while Jeremy, Ali and I were out was fate that Jeremy and I harassed Ali with about a million text messages to 'go for it' with Josh. And from that day, there was really no question in anyone's minds they would be married. However, we did not realize that this would be, as Debra has dubbed it, "The Superbowl of Weddings" with over 500 guests! To their credit, most are directly blood related. And what a wonderful problem to have.

So here's to Ali and Josh, love you like a sister and brother, I feel like we lived our dating relationships together. Okay, I don't feel like we did...we really did. Ali started getting anxious about getting engaged, so did I, we talked about moving in together, they went ahead and did it - and we followed! I'm sure it will prove to be a wonderful wedding (though aren't they all really)..I will follow up with pictures, just as I did for Stacy's. My apologies for not posting pictures of Justin and Laila's or Jaclyn and Jacob's weddings...I know, pictures make this more exciting.

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