Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Registry....

We're getting closer...the wedding is 6 months from this past Saturday! Wooo hoo! I am really excited!

So Jeremy and I made the trip back to Crate and Barrel to do our real registry this time (no more fudge sauce Jer...). We were fairly successful, though once again, I got a bit overwhelmed. The whole process is a little strange. However, we found what we needed - and I have to say - I am pretty darn excited to have silverware that is not a 3rd hand-me-down and knives that are not a $4.99 linens and things special. Who knew knives could be so exciting!

I think that's about all we've got going on. I do have a strange Punky report. Well, our dog has entered a new stage of her live. Sexual maturity I guess. I may or may not have mentioned this before but she has a very special item in her life. It is a stuffed monkey. It was one of my favorite stuffed animals which I gave to her, so she would have a toy in her kennel. Well, she has now shown this monkey things, no monkey should see. Lets just say she enjoys mounting him and going at it. And not just occasionally, I mean, ALL THE TIME. I tried taking the monkey away yesterday and she screamed and wailed like she was being attacked. Literally, kicking and screaming until I gave the monkey back! What are we supposed to do!? Our hooch of a dog has is now workin' the streets! Seriously, it is bad - it's to the point where we should not have people over to our house for fear of her, uh, 'habits'.

Again, only my dog!

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