Friday, November 7, 2008

Cow, Bird or vegetable

So we have a little less than 5 months until the wedding, which is fantastic!

We spent the week finalizing the wording for the invitation. Who knew there were such big differences in wording etc... Sorry everyone, but you will have to decide between the ambiguous, chicken, fillet or vegetarian for dinner because the timing on this one just won't work. The Westin doesn't want to talk menu until Jan 15. The invitations need to be ordered either yesterday or anytime in the future according to our invitation lady. So, needless to say, we will have to guess on entree choices and you will have to take a stab in the dark...sorry. I promise they won't be gross. And, we've made the bold decision not to do fish. Fish is terribly hard for a large group, it is either over-cooked or under-cooked and its stinky, so therefore, no fish. If you're super concerned, let me know, I'll bring you a can of bumblebee.

Jeremy suggested that we add a 4th option...'surprise'. I know my dad would like that option. He's the crazy who goes to an ice cream shop and says, "Surprise me".

So there it you want cow, bird or vegetable!?

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