Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lots of Progress!

Rehearsal dinner - CHECK!
Tux choice - CHECK!
Honeymoon progress - CHECK!

Rehearsal dinner: And I couldn't be more excited - we convinced them - fuddruckers!!!! They're shutting down the whole restaurant for us, veggie burgers, bison burgers, hamburgers, salads, shakes, malts, ice cream, FUN!!!! Seriously, this is SO us!

Tux choice: See photo. Yea!

Honeymoon Progress: So we've narrowed it down to Central America - likely either Costa Rica or Belize. Rain forest, monkeys, tropical weather, great food, relaxation.

Consider me one pretty darn content bride right now!!! Someone please let me know if there is something I should be doing right now because seriously, we don't have anything to do (wedding wise). People keep asking how preparations are going and I give my same stock response, "Well, ya know, I really think we're in the lull time right now. But ask me again in January!" So if there's something I should be doing...please clue me in!

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