Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Singin' in the rain was a far better shower

hahah - wasn't that just a fantastic joke. Okay, lame, I know. Bridal showers, I don't really understand them, but have come to realize that they are necessary in that people like giving them, some enjoy attending them, and others dread them but expect them. Therefore, showers we will have. But here's a part of showers that I do like...my adorable Auntie is hosting one and doing the customized M and M's. yum and fun! Have I mentioned that my Mom has not showed any strong opinions related to the wedding, unless it relates to chocolate or dessert?! Finding a Blizzard man became an all consuming task, and customized chocolate just sent her into another orbit of bliss. The Goldman's and their chocolate. Now what would get me that excited? A life sized marshmallow in the shape of punky. mmmmmmmmmm

So, now I am fully stealing this idea, but I will give credit, where credit is due. Thanks to the book I am reading, Julie and Julie and Debra and Lindsay's friend Greta...we will now be doing a recipe review! Now, you may know that Jeremy and I have a great affinity towards the crock pot. Now hear me out, it is truly an invention for our generation. It is ridiculously easy, very hard to mess up. We are a generation that really does want to cook, take the time to make healthy meals etc...but we are BUSY! Perfect invention. Throw a bunch of stuff in, set the timer, come home to a beautiful meal! Presto!

So, stay tuned for some crockpot recipe reviews. And I do challenge you to try some yourself. Honestly, if Jeremy and I can do it - I promise you can too.

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Greta Hanson said...

YAY! I am so happy you guys are doing some recipe exploration! It is such a fun night for us..(except tonight when water drowns out any fun..pun intended). Anyway Debra mentioned you had a blog so naturally I had to check it out! I'll add it to my list! :) Thanks again for your help tonight..we really appreciate it.