Monday, November 17, 2008

Where should we go for our honeymoon?

We are STUCK! Yes, Jeremy (a.k.a. travel guru) and Kara (one who likes to travel)...cannot figure out where to go. We have met with travel agents, researched for months, talked to people ...and we're stuck.

This is what we want:
-beautiful beach
-resort, either all inclusive but with restaurants not buffets, or a la carte, but with reasonably priced, good restaurants nearby
-Kara's preference - not a HUGE resort, something smaller - more personal
-WARM - and predictably warm in April
-option to take part in some activities from time to time (rain forest, boat rides etc...)
- Not ridiculously expensive (the hardest element)

HELP!!!!! Suggestions??? SOS - send help!


Unknown said...

Belize! Caymans!

Mel said...

Lots of options. We are looking at Costa Rica right now. Other ideas are Turks & Cacos, St. Lucia, St. John's.

Anonymous said...

Wherever you go just do it right away as in the day after your wedding! It's not your honeymoon if you have to wait even a week. (Which is what I wanted to do so we would have 2.5 extra days, but it was so much better going right away!)

Mel said...

I agree with stacy. Go right away. I wish we would've. It makes your "special day" into your "special week" or more!