Friday, November 14, 2008

Why must I always choose the road less traveled?

From a young age, my mom liked to say that I was not the type to choose the easy route. If there was a simple way, and a difficult, painstaking, annoyingly long way to do something, that's what I would choose. Now, that is not to say I am not decisive, I am VERY decisive, maybe too much so, but when it comes to the most mundane tasks, I find the challenging way to do it.

Example: 5th grade volcano project. Most students built a simple paper mache volcano that spewed smoke, and thus fulfilled the requirements. Me? No, no, no.
*First, I try to make it out of clay, causing my mom to make about 10 trips to the craft store for various types of clay. But, when that was finished, it did not work. *So, I moved on to foam. That was just not right either.
*Volcano #3 was made out of cardboard, nope, again, just not quite right.
*It was not until volcano #4 came along that I felt it looked just right. And when it was spewing to an extent which pleased me, it was still not enough. PEOPLE! I told my mom. I need people, running off the volcano away from the flowing magma! She reminded me that I had already fulfilled the requirements for the project and would get 100% simply because the volcano did what it was supposed to do, but that was just not good enough.

So, after a 10pm trip to target to find little people for my volcano, I brought out the hot glue gun and began to glue my victims to their place of demise. I thought it was a fantastic idea until I found myself screaming bloody murder at 11pm because I had hot glued my leg to the volcano along with one of the little people. I was now a victim of my own volcano. And what do I have to show for it? A giant scar on my right leg where skin once was until the fateful day when I had to be dislodged from my volcano.

And how does that story relate to the wedding? Well I will tell you right now with another example.

Example: TASK: make cards for the hotel gift bags for the out of towners.

So, I decided to buy heavy cardstock to print on, one side would have the text, and the other side would have our monogram. Well, for anyone who has ever had dumb ideas like me, cardstock does not print on home printers. Or really, even at Kinko’s. And once you find a place that can print on it, it does not look good. The cards came out too small, and off center so I decided to back them with a thin black paper as the border. Print on the heavy cardstock, and back it with the thin paper? Needless to say, I am starting over.

3 trips to paper depot for various supplies - $35.00
19 attempts to print these cards at home resulting in a broken printer - $150.00
2 trips to Kinko’s for printing assistance - $10.00
3 hours of work wasted as I tried to cut out the cards - $100.00
Realizing that there was a ridiculously simple way to complete this project which never even dawned on me? PRICELESS

And this is the life of Kara. Making projects a bit more difficult, one step at a time.


Unknown said...

You should've called me!

Kara Frank said...

That would have been just way too easy!

Unknown said...

its only november you wedding is in April. Do you really need the cards now. YOU ARE AMAZING!

Greta Hanson said...

Was this chaos around 'the invite'? Can I help you out? P.S. I just finished Loving Frank a few weeks did you like it?