Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Christmas...to my DOG?!!??

I awake, dreary eyed and droopy, I climb into a hot shower and grumble about what is to be the coldest day of the year. I complain and moan to myself, something along the very edited lines of "Gee golly, I think I might move to Hawaii where they grow pineapples not Popsicles", and stumble around the rest of my morning. I quickly get ready, gather my things and the dog in order to get her to daycare early so that I can make an early meeting. I drive to Petsmart, carry the dog into daycare, and if you know me in the morning, still very dreary eyed, hand over my dog to the petsmart personnel. I look up, and to my surprise see Christmas stockings adorning the front desk. There are about 6 stockings, and one is emblazoned with the name "PUNKY" in silver glitter.

I stare, quizzically, but attribute it to my lack of morning consciousness. I glance up to find Francesca, the receptionist excitedly asking me if I noticed Punky's stocking. "uh, yea" I responded - dumbfounded. "We made her a stocking, see!", she explains. "Uh, yea", I repeat, again, confused, amused, and perplexed at the situation. She continues on to tell me that they decided it would be fun to make a stocking for my dog as she is one of their favorites (clearly eating ones feces ranks high on the petsmart ladder). So, along with the employee's stockings flanking the petsmart counter, I find my dog's stocking. My Jewish dog's stocking placed directly in between, John, Jenny and Steve - and and accompanied by Francesca and Mary's stockings. The employees and my dog, have their stockings hung for all to see. My Jewish dog has a stocking.

And me? I'm a bit jealous. Where's mine?

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