Tuesday, December 23, 2008


The invitations have arrived, and are in our hands. They are, in fact, correct!
p.s. if you're name happens to be Kara Leigh Weinblatt and you find someone named Jeremy Scott Frank to marry, and are interested in buying some green invitations off of us, let me know! Next step..Jeremy and Debra need to start addressing...tonight perhaps? I will stuff, they can address.

I am almost afraid to say this, but we are DANGEROUSLY close to booking the honeymoon too! We just have to send in a credit card number and we are going...drum roll please...TO THAILAND! I could not possibly be more excited about this choice. I plan to make a trip to the doctor to request a sedative, and off we will go! 10 days total including travel, and our time will be split between Phuket and Bangkok - beach time in Phuket, and tour time in Bangkok! PERFECT. Seriously, have not been this excited in a long, long time.

On a different note, this past weekend we had a Hanukkah party with Jeremy's family - Tessa's first Hanukkah! Brad and Jeremy's Grandpa Ollie came too, and on the ride to Brad and Emily's, Jeremy clung his steering wheel as the car glided over ice and asked Ollie, "Why did our ancestors settle in Minnesota?". Ollie responded, "It was a mistake". And I am still laughing. Oh so true. Quite a mistake. It has not stopped snowing for the past 6 months. Okay, so maybe the past month, but whatever, it's bad. You know its really bad when the news starts out, "Should warm up to 3 degrees tomorrow". It was a mistake. Landing in Minnesota. Big mistake.

We leave on Thursday for Puerto Vallarta, 4 days of sun, fun, and NO SNOW!!! I cannot wait. Merry Christmas to my Christian friends, sorry this is the most boring week of your lives - to my Jewish friends.

Much Love,



Unknown said...

Thailand sounds amazing!!!

Greta Hanson said...

Love the honeymoon locale. So fun! And..I am very jealous of your Mexican vacation...this winter really really sucks. Please soak up some sun for the rest of us stuck back here!