Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So we attended a wedding in Mexico

Okay, so maybe I used the term "attended" a bit too strongly. We watched a wedding in Mexico. Okay, again, maybe too intimate. We stalked a wedding in Mexico. Better.

From our first date of arrival we thought what a good idea it might be to skip the whole wedding shenanigans and just do it while we were down there. After all, the Sheraton Bougainvilleas which we visit annually and love so much has an area for "Weddings and Bodas". Now if you speak Spanish you know that means weddings and weddings, but whatever. Tomorrow's post will be about the grammar mistakes found on this vacation. Be prepared, its a fun one!

We had decided that Debra would remain my bridesmaid and Julie would be Jeremy's 'groomsman'. Jack and Amy Fiterman and family happened to be staying at our hotel as well, which aided in our wedding plan. Josi would be our flower girl, Jack was to officiate, Amy wanted to do the video - and Sam and Adam would be the ushers. Perfect plan.

Unfortunately, we have already sent in deposits to vendors, so that went by the wayside, but there was another wedding at our hotel. On our last night I noticed that they were setting up for an event along the ocean. Massage booth was turned into a chuppa, or whatever non-Jews call it. Sand was turned into seating. It was gorgeous. Jeremy, Debra and I sat and watched the wedding setup for about an hour and a half until the wedding began. We then listened and watched as the bride walked down the aisle, with some additional background music -- the sound of Debra crying -- as we watched her approach the Mexican priest. It was a lovely, Puerto Vallartan wedding, though I was shocked there was not a Bougainvillea in sight. Yep, we stalked a wedding.

On a different note: for anyone out there planning their own website, I just found out about this cool website.
It allows you to create maps, directions, points of interest for wedding info. Mark off favorite shopping destinations, reception site, airport etc.... Could be a useful tool.

Happy New Year!

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