Wednesday, December 24, 2008


We FINALLY booked our honeymoon. No more harrassing Jeremy, he's done it. We're going to Thailand. I could not possibly be any more excited. There are sure to be some interesting adventures along the way as we take our first trip to Asia. If you have any suggesstions, let us know - it should be amazing. 4 days in Bangkok and 4 days in Phuket on the beach!

Next up on his to do list...find dance lessons. Some take dance lessons because they want to learn a routine. We are taking dance lessons so we don't look like giant idiots and fall on our faces. Expect very little from us and we will certainly deliver. Just promise not to laugh.

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Debra Fiterman said...

Holy shit! I did NOT see that one coming at all! I've been to Bankok...crazy city. My advice? Bring a good and LONG book...I think it is 15 hours to TOkyo + 8 to Bankok. Good thing you too will be so madly in love you won't even notice. That is awesome!