Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So we're airline nerds, I know. Okay, so Jeremy is - and he's making me one. But I thought I'd just share that airfare has been going down and is quite reasonable for the weekend of our wedding:

Based on April 3 - 5
NYC to Minneapolis:
$258 nonstop on NWA

Chicago to Minneapolis:
$139.19 nonstop on NWA
$139.20 nonstop on Southwest

LAX to Minneapolis:
$338.00 nonstop on NWA
$314 with 1 stop on American

San Diego to Minneapolis:
$306 nonstop on Sun Country

London to Minneapolis:
$662 with one stop on Virgin Atlantic
$829 nonstop on multiple carriers (see Orbitz)

And the hotel is just $129/night, so you should all stay. Because it will be much more fun that way. If you want to reserve a room go to:


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