Friday, January 30, 2009

I hate the federal government

Specifically, the post office. Let me recount my day:

Debra, Jeremy and Kara plan to go to the post office tomorrow to hand cancel the wedding invitations and send them out. I have been told by other brides that this entails asking for the stampey thing (or so I naively called it) and standing there, stamping them ourselves.

Kara asks Debra if she can find the phone number for the post office, because they make even that, difficult to find. Debra sends said phone number to Kara.

Kara politely calls the post office to ask if she can come in tomorrow to borrow the 'stampey thing' to hand cancel these invitations. She is RUDELY greeted with a ..."NO". Not a maybe, not a, "not at this location, but at a different one". Rather, a, "NO". He also corrected her, informing her that it was called a "Roundator". Kara, astounded, hung up.

Now, pissed off, Kara says -- lets drop these things in a mailbox somewhere, this is ridiculous.

Kara then gets even more pissed off and wants her way. Per usual. Kara calls another post office to see if they have a different attitude. No such luck, but they do give her the number for the "postage requirements department" (are you kidding me - and these people need to make budget cuts - lets start at the POST OFFICE!). Kara contacts the mailing requirements department and they tells her, in all honesty, that it is a matter of personal preference weather they will allow you to hand cancel them or not. Truthfully, he said, it depends on their mood and weather they want to let you do it or not. He then gives Kara the name of the downtown post office manager and says to call her.

Kara makes phone call #756 to the Minneapolis post office manager while her mother tries to take them to the Saint Louis Park post office. Apparently the Saint Louis park postal employee forgot his Prozac today and would not allow her to do this. At the same time the Minneapolis post office manager calls on the other line while her frustrated mother is standing in the Saint Louis Park post office. Kara gets the other line and Kristie (the only nice postal employee employed by the federal government), informs her that if she shoes up tomorrow morning at 9:00am she can see 'Marty' in the Stamp Shop and she'll let them roundate the invitations in his office. Shady, but okay.

Outlook invitation was sent to Jeremy and Debra. Meet tomorrow morning in the stamp show with a roundator in hand. We have work to do.

I hate the federal government.

(like the 3rd person thing!?)


Robyn said...

After all that stress of dealing with the post office I think you need to go back for another dress fitting. Five minutes in that southing environment of your dress shop and you'll be just fine.

Dad Jay said...

After all that calling I just went in to the main Post Office downtown and said to a very nice lady 'I would like to hand cancel these Wedding invitations for my daughter' 'Oh sure she said' and took me to an empty window I away I went stamping, She even talked to me about her daughter's wedding in May. Sometimes face to face works better than all the emails and phone calls.