Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kara's Bootcamp

I am a project manager by nature. Therefore, I may have been bewildered along the way, but I have really enjoyed the process of planning our wedding. Note: I said project manager. I am fabulous at farming out jobs and ensuring that they are done correctly. In fact, this is essentially what I have done for my chosen profession. I am a project manager. Fitting. A room needs painting, I know the guy. A toilet is leaking? Plumber is on speed dial. I get it done, quickly, and correctly. But I do not do it myself. usually.

Therefore, when it came to addressing the envelopes for the wedding I said: I know the gal. Pearl Berdass. Josh's mom. Let me call her now! "No, no Jeremy replied, I think I'd like to take a crack at addressing them myself". Now I must note that Jeremy has better handwriting than anyone I know, however, I did assume this one would be an uphill battle. The reason I take on tasks which I then farm out is because I don't actually like DOING them, but I do like managing them. I do not like painting a room, but I like having a painted room, and having it done right. A little while later, in conversation with our wonderful friend Debra, she mentioned, "You know, I'd really like to help too - I want to address some".

And so it goes...

Kara's Boot camp. After weeks of whining that I really wanted Jeremy to get started if he was going to take on this project: they day arrived. He and Debra spent a Sunday afternoon addressing 215 wedding invitations (though they're not quite done). And me? I relaxed on the sofa with the dog. I NEVER SAID I WANTED TO DO IT. I said I am a project manager, not a project doer. Nor do I have handwriting which would impress anyone.

Please note the range of styles. Debra, a more formal, flowy, traditional style. Jeremy, a crisp, modern style. Kara, a horizontal style. :-)

I told you I was a good project manager!

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