Thursday, January 22, 2009

The last anniversery

So today is our last anniversary. Well our last until we start all over. Which I find quite unfair. Three years ago this evening I found myself awkwardly wandering into Dunn Brothers Coffee to meet Jeremy (followed a few minutes later by Stacy, who was secretly chaperoning our date). Three years is a long time! Imagine the difference between a newborn and a toddler. A 15 year old and a 18 year old. You get the's a long time!

Envelopes have been stuffed, stamped, addressed and we will send them out next Saturday. We're going to make a trip to the downtown post office to 'Hand Cancel' them. Wouldn't want any nasty red lines on my beautiful IVORY (not green) invitations now would we!? Ali and Debra ensure me it is just a thrilling task.

Now on an unrelated side note. We all know what each other does for a living, but do you really UNDERSTAND what they do. Not necessarily. I know Jeremy stares aimlessly at a computer all day and eats pens, I know Robyn yells at the computer and gets annoyed with her coworkers about insurance things, I know Stacy fixes grocery aisles filled with Cereal, and Debra makes UTube videos - right everyone!? I nailed it! I know exactly what you all do! But do you know what I do? Well below I have included a clip from an email a tenant just sent to me. A little taste of what I do everyday.

Email #1
Hi Kara:

We have a bird on the west side of our building who bangs into the window repeatedly hour after hour. It is driving us nutz!!! It’s hard to concentrate on our work.

Is there anything maintenance can do? Relocate it? Kill it??

Email #2
Kara: I realized I probably didn’t give you enough information. The bird lives in a pine tree outside our building. There are two of them—a male & female and a nest in the tree so I’m thinking there may be babies. We really don’t want to kill it, but thought you might have some ideas as to keep it from banging into the window.

Just a little taste of my beautiful career choice. But a least it's always something new!

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Debra Fiterman said...

I would like a wine and cheese update please.