Monday, January 12, 2009


So I know you've been waiting on pins and needles. Unable to eat or sleep. But we have been forced to make an unexpected decision. We had to go with the "Wedding Stamp". With the envelope liner, it pushed it over the edge into wedding invitation domain - so we had to go with the oversize stamp. Never fear, we chose the heart for the reply cards. Contain your emotions.

I have scheduled a dress fitting for later in January - but did not realize that I would need my shoes at that time. My weekend was spent on the hunt for comfortable, cute, non frumpy wedding shoes. As with other decisions in which I have had control, I have gone for a non-typical option. Guess you'll just have to wait and see. Though likely I will return them and re-buy 7 other pairs between now and then!

Envelope addressing and stuffing will begin this weekend. That's a big step...they're goin' on out! We're gettin' hitched! Seriously, I'm still thinking of running off to Vegas. Or the Sheraton Buganvillias Puerto Vallarta. I wonder if they need a spokeswoman, I should inquire.

Otherwise things are going along smoothly. Showers are being planned, tuxes are being fit, flowers are growing that will be used for our wedding (okay so that one's a stretch).

On the general life front I did have a mishap with a man who lives in my building. He does not appreciate my new car and has called our management company requesting that I buy a new car. Did I mention that my car is 3 weeks old? I don't think I'll be buying a new car anytime soon. Crazy man. So anyways, I saw him later in the day and he yelled some profanities at Jeremy and I in the elevator. This means war. AND...did I mention that the guy has 2 cars - a Subaru and a Range Rover? Seriously, those are the 2 most oposite personality cars. Subaru - earth loving, bumper sticker toting, practical minded folks. Range Rover - earth killing, too cool for bumper stickers, image conscious people. So who is this fool anyways? War, I say this means WAR!

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