Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Time for a vote!

This one is riveting, thrilling, edge of your seat stuff.


Here are the contenders...



Or...any other one that you see on this website:

Really, really exciting stuff. In other news, the guest bags for those staying in the hotel are really cool - so...if you live out of town. Stay at the Westin. If you live in town. Stay at the Westin. It will be a lot of fun - we have the hospitality suite to hang out in. We'll be there. Come on, it's where all the cool kids will be. And at $129.00 a night - not half bad for an awesome brand new hotel.


Debra Fiterman said...

definitely the heart. couldn't be cuter.

Mel said...

I vote for "CELEBRATE".
I'm not a heart fan...on the other hand, I think most people are and would love to see the heart. One of those two.

Unknown said...

the celebrate is really cute but i think the heart is more tasteful.

Abby said...

the heart is better for the wedding invite--the celebrate would be better for the fuddruckers invite :)

Kara Frank said...

I think they're all a bit tacky - that's why I was thinking maybe the chair guy. Oh well, its just a stamp

Robyn said...

You don't want Edgar Allan Poe or Frank Sinatra on your wedding invitation? Those are available on the website. I'd say the heart. It's more of a wedding stamp.

Sara said...

what about the wedding stamp on the website? Not as in your face as red, but still classic? Well, not as classic as Frank Sinatra, but you know what I mean.