Monday, January 19, 2009

Wine and Cheese with the neighbors

I believe a while back I mentioned that we have some neighbors in our building who have taken a liking to us. Not in a swingers type of way, they are approximately 75 years old, and named Steve and Jane Chase. Jane has been the subject of many unfortunate incidents lately including being hit by a bus while riding on their bicycle built for two, losing an eye, and becoming addicted to narcotics. Now, we may joke - but these are seriously the two nicest people you will ever meet. Steve is a painter (and a really good one), and when our first puppy, Lucy died, they offered to paint us a picture of her to remember her. So sweet. But no, I didn't want a picture of my dead puppy in my living room.

Anyways, they've been wanting to have Jeremy and I over to celebrate our upcoming wedding, and have been calling and calling. Well they really are wonderful people so we finally made plans and will be going to their house for 'Wine and cheese' on Thursday night. Full report Friday. Jane did mention that she has just purchased her first swim suit for physical therapy (did I mention that they like to share lots of awkward details with us!?), maybe there will be a fashion show. LOL.

In wedding news...invitations are being stuffed today (report to follow). OH...good story to share. Marriage license.

We went to get it on Saturday, arrived, waited in line to get our number to wait in line. Got our number - and went to Dunn Brothers in the lobby to get coffee. Upon ordering the coffee I noticed that I had forgotten my wallet at home. With my driver's license in it. I didn't think they'd be to apt to issue a marriage license to us without ID. So..I said, "Jeremy, wait here, I will be right back". NOTE: We were at the Ridgedale Service Center - drivers license was at home (approx 10 miles away). I FLEW home, got my wallet and came back - and literally, to the second, three minutes later they called us.

Then, we had to fill out a form, which we should have done in advance - but we didn't. She gives it to me, I fill it out, review it and notice that under Groom, I had written, "Kara Weinblatt...", and under Bride, "Jeremy Frank..." So now, we had to get out of line, wait in another line to get a new form, have JEREMY fill it out, and wait some more. After all of that we have the license and we're good to go. April 4, here we come! From now on, Jeremy will be filling out all forms.

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Unknown said...

That is ssososososo cute!! You guys are too sweet. Cant wait to see the invitation :)