Friday, January 23, 2009

Wine and Cheese with the neighbors

The much anticipated update: Please note that I mean this all in the nicest way, as these are truly two of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. I might adopt them as a 3rd set of grandparents.

We arrive (after waiting in the hallway for about 25 seconds saying..."you knock, NO, you knock. Fine, I'll knock, but you have to stand there when the door opens"). Yes, we're mature.

We are greeted with champagne flutes, which are very soon filled with champagne (very tasty champagne I might add). Jane, the 1 legged, 1 eyed, drug addicted (to pain narcotics from the surgeries) hostess is busily cooking in the kitchen. She was whipping up 'snacks' for us to have with our wine and champagne. We sit down and they toast our engagement, albeit 8 months late. We begin chatting, and they give us their life story of how they met, and the many, many homes they have lived in throughout their lives. Steve is an artist, and Jane has the brains they told us. They both started out as teachers, but got involved in real estate and spent their careers selling real estate. Steve would do the showings, and would paint the houses they sold for their clients. Jane was the business woman and did all of the financial dealings and went to all of the closings. I can imagine, between the two of them, they'd make a great team. He is about the cutest, sweetest, most flattering guy you'll meet. She is smart, and witty, sharp and still kind.

They begin asking us questions about our likes and dislikes, and they share some of theirs. They happen to love the show Momma's Boys. Why? I HAVE NO IDEA! I think it is the most horrible show on TV, but they went on to recall every detail of the episode where the 'crazy' mother didn't like that her son was in a hot tub with some African American woman. They told us how much they love the 'gays'. I say that as a direct quote, and in the most flattering way. They informed us that their favorite clients are the gays, and they are the people they trust the most. okay. They followed it up by informing us they also liked the Jews. oh good.

They filled us in on the fistfights that have occurred on the rooftop of the Groveland during the 'drinking parties' as they called them (Happy Hour to the rest of us). They know just about every single person in our building personally. And, they were more than happy to fill us in on the rivalries, and relationships within the building... Life on Groveland Avenue, almost as good as Wisteria Lane. And in a moment of conversation, Steve pulled IT out. And he asked. A picture of their bicycle built for two and asked if we could want to buy it. Again. He left Jeremy to explain why we didn't want to buy the deathtrap of a bike that almost killed his wife. Jeremy, in his best deer in the headlights impression, stuttered, stammered, and said "uh...we don't ride bikes".

My favorite moments were when Steve decided to imitate Jane because he thought she shared too many details. Not all that different from Jeremy and I actually. Jane would tell a story:
"Last summer we visited our home in Nantucket with our children. It's next to a white house, in the white house lives a man, who was once an extra in this movie. You know...I love movies. Have you seen Top Gun? I love Top Gun"
To which Steve would mumble under his breath:
"Jane, you forgot to tell us what style home it was next to ours, and what your favorite movie was..."

I love old people! Seriously, they are my favorite. As the 'snacks' which turned out to be several appetizers she had prepared just for the two of us dwindled, she pulled out a cake she had baked for us, with home made whip cream! No lie. We then proceeded to finish up the evening with cake and coffee and some more chatting by the gas fire.

This will not be the last of our evenings with the Chases. They are seriously fantastic. Wine and cheese with the neighbors really couldn't have been any better!

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