Friday, February 27, 2009

Bad Habits...

So those of you who have traveled with me, or who have lived with me (i.e. Robyn, Stacy and Jeremy) know that I have a deep routed problem. This is a problem which has existed since I was a very young child. It has caused me a lifetime of difficulties. Thankfully, I have no trouble being open and honest about the issue.

I walk and talk in my sleep. a lot.

Let me recount three times in history when this has caused some problems:
#1. I was quite young and on a trip with my grandparents to their place in Florida. My sister and I were sharing a room. In the middle of the night I sat up, at attention, and began to wail. I then began to repeat, "I don't want to hurt the team over there". My grandparents came running into the room, thinking there was something wrong. I was inconsolable. I was distraught. I just did not want to hurt the team over there. (no, I have no idea what this means either). My grandpa told me over and over again "Simmer down...this is a condo, you will wake others in the building", but I was persistent. After about 10 minutes I simply lay back down and closed my eyes. Out. Morning came. I had no recollection of said occurrence. None. Other than my sister's account of the incident.

#2. College. Now Stacy and I lived together for 5 years, but there were a few times in there when other people lived with us as well. There was one such semester when we lived with a certain member of the flag team (I think that's what it’s called). Every day, like clockwork, she awoke at 4am to twirl her flag with the band. Now, if you have never lived with me you also may not know that I am not a morning person. In fact, it is wise to stay away and not try talking to me for the first 30 minutes of my awake state. Therefore, when she woke at 4am every day, I was not a happy camper. One day, I had clearly had enough as I stood from my bed (no, I was not allowed to be on the top bunk due to my 'condition'), walked over to her, pounded on the wall adjacent to her, and then put my hands to her neck. I awoke with Stacy screaming at me saying, get away! She was also laughing pretty hard. I'm certain that I meant no harm, and I remember only the portion where I was so rudely awakened by Stacy. Needless to say, this roommate moved out of our room quite quickly after the incident.

#3. Last night. 2:14 am. I awake, startled. I am cold and clammy. I look down, I am naked. I can't find my clothes. I don't know why I am naked. I went to bed fully clothed in my very sexy snowflake flannel pants and matching snowflake long sleeve shirt. Now, at 2:14 in the morning, they are gone. Where are they? I don't know. Jeremy wakes up - looks at me - asks what is wrong, and I reply, "its 2:14 and I'm naked and I don't know why". I am a bit freaked out and he starts laughing so hard he almost fell off the bed. I guess it’s not too often that you awake to hear, "It's 2:14, I'm naked and I don't know why" and are not sitting in the common room of a sorority house.

That is my problem. Maybe someday I'll work on a solution. For now, I'll just try to remain clothed.

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Sara said...

Kara, I am very sad that you don't remember our special night together last night. :)

Are you going to keep blogging after you get married?? I hope so! Even if you don't remember our middle of the night rendezvous.