Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I lied....

There may be one element more important than the tasting, in preparing me for the big day. MY BACHELORETTE PARTY! In an attempt not to bore you to death I will break it out in to several portions:

#1 in college we played this fabulous game called high/low where we had to recount the best and worst portions of our day. I will reenact this in bachelorette party form.
#2 poetry

#3 song. Okay, I may skip the song.

First and foremost, the world's biggest thank you goes out to Debra and Robyn for planning what was, the single most fun weekend of my life. Hands down. No comparison. Best weekend ever for many reasons. You two are amazing, I cannot thank you enough.


High: Getting into the car on my way to Brainerd to be met by Jen Duerre and accessories galore, including a bachelorette sash, devil veil, Hottie whistle and pink feather boa. I was then instructed that I was to wear all such items all the way up to Brainerd, including into the SA where we stopped for gas. And while eating my Jimmy Johns. I think I consumed more pink feathers than the FDA recommends.

Low: Serious stomach ache from accidental feather consumption.

High: Arriving at our cabins, being greeted by Robyn, Debra and Rachel who had decorated the cabin to the nines. This included Jeremy’s face taped on over the artwork (as seen below), streamers, balloons, food galore, and a decked out bedroom!

Low: We sat down and proceeded to consume more baked Cheetos than the FDA recommends.

High: World's best night: dinner with everyone, including my mom, Penny Glassman and Pennie Shapiro! We then came back to the cabins and played 'the Newlywed game' with questions they had previously asked Jeremy.

Low: I was wrong about what Jeremy sleeps in and ALI WAS RIGHT!!!!

High: my friends know me! As a part of the game, my friends and family were asked to bring one of my favorite things under $10. I received about 5 cow things, many high fiber items, several things relating to the crock pot, many packages of gum, fat free Redi Whip ...they absolutely know my favorite things!

Low: I laughed so hard, my face is still aching.

High: Staying up late and talking with Stacy until morning came.

Low: Being ridiculously exhausted because I stayed up till dawn chatting with Stacy.

High: SATURDAY! Day started with a delicious breakfast, followed by a salt scrub and massage at the spa. Tough life eh!?

Low: Still a bit sore from the amazing massage.

High: Jen Duerre who chatted it up with the pull tab lady and found out about Greg Allman and his wife who charter a bus to take people to bars for the price of $10/person! THANK YOU JEN AND GREG, AND GREG'S WIFE! Seriously, out of the goodness of their hearts these people run this inexpensive charter service to keep people who have been drinking off their roads. I'm still thinking of writing to Oprah about them.

Low: Apparently the driver's name was Larry, but I accidentally called him Greg Allman because that was the name that displayed on the radio, apparently it was the artist of the song. Not the driver's name. Sorry Greg/Larry.

High: Saturday night. The 'bachelorette' drink which Rachel named. The pickle factory, where they gave me a souvenir tee shirt. Zorbas where we danced the night away, and where I was given a chair dance courtesy of some Brainerd locals. See photos for my facial expression. Note: I once had a friend from Blake who suggested I should try to be less expressive with my facial movements because I would wind up with wrinkles. Bring on the wrinkles.

Low: At Zorbas, for the low, low price of $2.00 per person you can try to hammer a nail into a giant tree stump with one swing, and race another as they try to do the same. Apparently Jewish girls are not good at hammering a nail into a giant tree stump. Whomever thought of that activity, seriously, gold mine.

High: The stuffed rabbit Ali won for me at the bar, and the two bouncy balls which Debra won.

Low: I'm sorry you lost your pants Kate.


There was this girl getting married
Her options to celebrate were varied
She decided she just wanted to relax
As life could be quite a tax
She told her sister and friend
I think we should start a new trend
Lets rent a little place
and have some treatments to our face
Lets relax and play
And sit and lay

11 women ventured out
Robyn and Debra charted the route
They laughed for two days straight
You have no idea how much they ate
They baked cookies shaped like a certain part
They shared a bit of their heart

The weekend ended too soon
Kara was not ready for it to be noon
She rode home and thought
How was she so lucky for this lot
She was just so happy she said
What a wonderful life ahead


Debra Fiterman said...

What is it with all you readers not commenting? This was some seriously impressive blogging...there were games, there was poetry, there was ALMOST a song! Best weekend ever...so fun.

Kara Frank said...

YEA!!! You commented - I know people are reading this - they make comments to me about it...so comment! No matter how random the person, I just love to know people are reading it. If you don't...I might stop blogging. Maybe you wouldn't care. But I would!


Robyn said...

NO!!!!!!!!! Don't stop blogging i love the blog.

This was one of my favorite posts. I laughed so hard that the girl who sits next to me at work had to come over and make sure I was ok. Then of course I made her read the blog.

Sara said...

I love your expressions! Those pictures were priceless, solely because of your face. Pure awesomeness. Thanks so much to Debra and Robyn for organizing!