Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Invitation clarification

If you have gotten your invitation and are confused about the food choices...then you haven't been paying attention :-) Just kidding. This is the deal.

Now I try not to be boring, spice things up, keep them exciting, so why have boring meal options!? No, no, no. You have exciting options.

You have the always good, animal centric, vegetarian option.

You have the fantastic McCormick and Schmick's steak which should prove to be fabulous.

OR...you have the SURPRISE option. And don't even try asking. We won't tell you what it is. 4 people know, and they are Jeremy, myself, my mom and dad. And they have all been sworn to secrecy. It's a surprise. Are you a risk taker? Are you an adventurer? Or do you play it safe? Know your odds and go that route? This is a choice which is up to you. I can tell you this, it is something we would like. That means it will not involve the following:
mayonnaise, creamy sauce of any kind, lots of butter, tuna...so I'm sure there are other dislikes, but there are a few which it is not.

If you like to take risks, go for it. Worst that happens, you eat blizzards and cake all night - those odds are not half bad.

1 comment:

Greta Hanson said...

I LOVE the suprirse entree option. So creative!