Friday, February 6, 2009

Linens - wooo hoooo

I have come to realize that my life has become one big checklist:
1. call linen place
2. pick up cut program cards
3. Return program card fasteners because they dont work
4. find new program fasteners
5. sleep
6. eat
7. gym
8. work
9. call florist

Yep, one big checklist. This week, we were able to check off linens. And, in record time. I had an idea of what I wanted, though it was not what the florist wanted. We had our choice of the standard ivory, or pale green linens. Now, as we all know from the green invitation debaucle, I don't like green. If it is possible that there is a color that is so offensive to you that it just doesn't feel good on your eyes, that is green to me. I don't eat green candy (though that is influenced by my mother who also does not). Skittles, we skip the green, I used to go to the store and get the bulk gummy bears because I could pick out the green ones, no green M&M's ...we don't like green. Therefore, when the florist said we should use the green over the ivory - my mom and I bough scrunched our noses and said..."really, uh, no".

To make things a bit easier we went to the Westin and picked up a napkin in each of the linen colors before we made our way to the linen store. To save money we thought we would use their standard linens and dress them up with something over. Something not green. We went to the store, and he informed us that the Westin's green is just "Totally unworkable" - PROBLEM SOLVED. I told the florist that it was, "Totally unworkable" - and I got my wish of ivory linens.

We picked out a chocolate brown, sheer striped overlay - which I think is very cool. It is square so it will have squared edges on the table - which I also like. The linen man liked me quite a bit because I choose the first thing he showed us, and was in and out, with a contract signed in less than 15 minutes. If you haven't gathered this yet, I am a very decisive person!

Linens - check!

This weekend: JEREMY'S BACHELLOR PARTY IN SCOTTSDALE! A coworker of mine told me about a bar for little people that they intend to visit. Hmm....should be an interestin weekend.

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